Sweep – Tool to clean up messages in Hotmail

Hotmail has a sweep feature which helps users with cleaning up of unwanted messages or moving the messages to specified folder. The main difference between the move and sweep option is that in case of sweep the rule will be applied for future messages as well. For example if you have received deals related emails and you want them to move to a folder named “Deals” then you can choose the sweep menu option for moving the emails. Apart from moving the messages it will also automatically move future deals related emails to the same folder.

Mark the email messages you want to move to the specified folder and select Move all from option under Sweep menu.

This would display the following Move all of them dialog box.

Select the folder where you want to move messages from the sender. You can also move all future messages from the sender to the same folder by marking the checking box “Also move future messages“. After selecting the required option, click the Move all button.

The Sweep feature also provides option to delete all mails from the specified sender and block any future message from the sender. This can be done by selecting “Delete all from” option available under the Sweep menu. This is a useful option that would help users to clear unwanted emails automatically.

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