SWYPE for Nokia 5800 and N97

First let me explain you about what SWPE is if you are not familiar with. Swype is designed to be used on touch screen phones with QWERTY keyboards. This feature can be used when typing messages on your phone. When you have this feature enabled you don’t have to type text anymore, just Swype the keys. This feature first came in for Android phones and then started coming for Symbian phones too.

The size of this application is very small, 3.6 MB and this can be used for phones with QWERTY keyboards (like Nokia 5800 and Nokia N97).

All latest android phones have this feature which helps the users to make use of the messaging easy. You can search SWYPE in YouTube to see how this feature can be used. And it’s a big luck that this feature came for Symbian phones.

Some screenshots,


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