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‘Tables and Borders’ is a very useful styling property in Microsoft Office 2007. Using this, you can create a new table and style it to best suit to your document. Here I will discuss some of the useful aspects of Tables and Borders which is necessary in almost every Office environment, even in Excel.

How to create a table

Creating a table has become very easy since Microsoft Office 2007. To create a table follow the steps below:

1. Go to Insert Tab from the top tabs.

2. Now click on table and from the dropdown select the matrix row-column method to determine how many rows and columns you wish to have in the table. Do not worry, you can easily increase/decrease the number of rows/columns later. Given below is a picture where I have selected 3 rows and 3 column (3×3) table.

3. Now the new table will be created in the cursor position.


How to style the new table

1. First, move the mouse pointer over the top-left corner of the new table. You will see a symbol appearing like a cardinal compass. Right click on it

2. Now go to Borders and Shading. A new sub-window will open.

3. Here you will find all the styling elements for the table. You can select a type of border, increase decrease it’s width and even give shades/ colors to each table cell.

4. Select your preferred choice, and click on OK to apply the new settings. To undo what you did, simply click Ctrl+Z and the table will revert to its previous style.

How to increase the number of Rows in a Table

1. The easiest way to increase the number of rows; hit Tab key and continue unless you reach the end of the row (the last or the preferred row)

2. Remember that the new row will be implemented below the current row. Now when you reach the end of the row, hit Enter key and a new row will be created instantly.

3. Alternatively, you can right click on a row and select Insert Rows Above/ Insert Row Below option. A new row will be created respectively.

In the second way, you can also create a new column by selecting from Insert Columns to Left/Right option.

How to delete cell

1. You can delete a cell from a table as well, or choose to delete entire row or column for that cell in the table.

2. Right click on the cell and click on Delete Cells option

3. Now select the appropriate option from the new menu. The action will be instantly applied.

How to split cell

1. Splitting a cell will divide it into two or more units, without altering the rest of the cells in that row/column. You can split a cell by right clicking on the cell, then click on Split Cells option

2. A window like this will appear

3. Select the number of rows/columns you wish to make from this cell. Remember, the changes will take place in that cell only and not implied to whole table.

4. The settings will be applied once you hit OK.

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