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Add line numbers in Word 2013, Word 2010 and Word 2007

Microsoft Word users can add line numbers to a word document using the options available as part of Page Layout menu. In this tutorial we will see the steps for adding line number in Word 2013 and Word 2011 for Mac. If you just want to find out the current line number while editing a […] Read More

How to lock iPhone using Assistive Touch feature

Don’t worry when power button in your iPhone does not work, you can use assistive touch feature lock your iPhone. Listed below are the steps to enable Assistive touch on your iPhone. Step 1: Tap Settings icon on your iPhone screen Step 2: In the Settings screen, tap General Settings. Step 3: Then tap Accessibility […] Read More

Stop receiving iPhone calls on your iPad and Mac

Receiving your iPhone calls on your iPad or Mac after upgrading to iOS 8 and Yosemite. Here are steps to prevent iPhone calls getting transferred to iPad and Mac Disable iPhone Cellular calls on iPad Step 1: Access the home screen on your iPad. Step 2: Navigate to Settings icon on iPad home screen. Step […] Read More

Word Macros and VBA – InputBox

InputBox in VBA prompts users to enter values in the input field. Let us see an example Macros & VBA in Word that uses InputBox and does the following Creates a blank new word document. Prompts users with the InputBox and the entered text will be used as the title for the document. Coverts the […] Read More

How to reduce size of document with images in Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word provides users with the option to reduce the file size of the document with images. In this tutorial, we will see the technique of reducing the file size in Word 2013 and Word 2011 for Mac. Reduce images size in Word 2013 Word 2013 users can use the Compress Pictures option available as […] Read More

How to install iOS 8 on iPhone 4s

Listed below are the steps to install iOS 8 GM build on iPhone 4S. Please make sure to backup iPhone 4s before executing the below mentioned steps. Step 1: Login to and access Member Center Step 2: Navigate to iOS section under Dev Centers Step 3: Select iOS 8 GM Seed then click iPhone […] Read More

How to delete macros in Word 2011 for Mac

In this short macros tutorial for Word 2011 for Mac, we will see the steps required to delete macros from Word 2011 for Mac. Step 1: Click Tools menu, navigate to Macro then Macros submenu Step 2: In the Macros screen, select Macro that you want to delete. Step 3: Click the Delete button available […] Read More

Recently accessed files in Adobe Reader on Mac

Adobe Reader provides users with the option to reduce the number of recently opened files. This is a quite useful feature when you are working on a system which is shared with other users. And you do not want others to know the files that you had accessed in Adobe Reader. Unfortunately you do not […] Read More

Write macro in Word 2011 for Mac

Instead of recording macro in Word 2011, you can write your own macro in Word 2011 for Mac with VBA. Let us see this with an example by writing a macro for displaying the current date and time in a Message Box. Step 1: Click Tools menu then Macro followed by Visual Basic Editor. Step […] Read More

Keyboard shortcut and toolbar option for Macros in Word 2011

We had earlier seen articles about Macros and VBA in Word 2011 for Mac. Record a Macro in Word 2011 How to edit Macro in Word 2011 Add Msgbox using VBA in Word 2011 Now let us see the steps required to assign keyboard shortcut for a macro and add macro to the toolbar in […] Read More

How to add MsgBox for recorded Macro in Word 2011

In the previous Macro for Word 2011 article, we saw the steps for editing a macro using VBA by changing the date and time alignment from Right to Center. In this post, we will see how to add a MsgBox to an existing Macro in Visual Basic Editor. Let us say you want to ask […] Read More

How to edit recorded macro in Word 2011 for Mac

We had earlier seen the steps for recording macro in Word 2011 for Mac . Let us you how to change the date and time text to centred align instead of right align.Listed below are steps for editing a Macro using Visual Basic Editor. Step 1: Click Tools menu, navigate to Macro then Macros submenu. […] Read More

How to record macro in Word 2011 for Mac

Word 2011 for Mac provides users with the option to record macro similar to the option available in MSOffice for Windows. Let us say you want to always insert date and time for a new document and make it right aligned. Since this will be repeated for all the new documents, you can record a […] Read More

How to turn off Frequent Locations in iOS 7 for iPhone

Frequent Locations is a new feature available in iOS 7 for iPhone. This tracks the iPhone users frequently visited location and maintains a history of the locations. This data is then used for providing location related information to the users. In this tutorial, we will see the steps for accessing records of your frequently visited […] Read More

How to change the default file storage location on Word 2011 for Mac

The default file save location displayed for Word 2011 on Mac is Documents folder. And you can use File Locations under Word Preferences to change this default directory location. Step 1: Click Word menu and select Preferences from the menu list. Step 2: In the Word Preferences window, navigate to Personal Settings and click File […] Read More

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