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Automatically open files under folder in Excel 2016 & 2013

This tutorial is about the steps required to automatically open excel files under specified folder during the startup of Excel 2016 & 2013.Step 1: Launch Excel 2013, click the File menu then Options.Step 2: In the Options window, click the Advanced tab and scroll down to General section.Step 3: In the General section, specify the […] Read More

Turn off automatically created border lines in Word

Word 2016, 2013 and 2010 have a feature that allows users to automatically create border lines by just typing the character three times. For example if you type dash (-) three times and press enter key in a document, Word will automatically draw a border line with dash character. This is useful when your want […] Read More

Hotmail Schedule Cleanup – Clean Messages Automatically

A new feature called Schedule Cleanup in Hotmail allows users to create rules that would move or delete messages automatically. Login to your hotmail account and select emails (senders) for which the rules need to be created. Then click the down arrow available next to Sweep menu and select Schedule Cleanup from the drop down […] Read More

How to automatically backup previous version in Keynote

This tutorial provides the steps to automatically backup previous version of a keynote presentation. This feature is useful when you want to quickly revert to your previous presentation file. Click the Keynote menu and select Preferences from the menu list. Navigate to Saving section under General Preferences. Then mark the check box with label as […] Read More

Autofill feature in Google Spreadsheet

Google Spreadsheet has Autofill feature similar to Microsoft Excel but with some limitations.  If you want to see an example of Auto fill number series then type 1, 2 and select the values as shown below.When you hover around the square dot, a plus sign would appear. Now drag the plus sign down to generate […] Read More

Open page in tab instead of window on Safari

Here is the solution for Safari users who want to open the new page in a tab instead of window. Whenever you try to open a new page in Safari and if it opens the page in a new window and you want to open the page in a new tab then you can do […] Read More

Automatically clear deleted items folder in Outlook Web Apps

Outlook Web Apps in Office 365 has a feature which allows users to automatically clear the deleted items folder.  You can enable this feature using the Options provided as part of the Outlook Web Apps Mail Settings.Login to Outlook Web Apps and click the Outlook Options.In the Outlook Options screen, navigate to Mail Settings page.In […] Read More

How to automatically remove download list items in Safari

This tutorial explains the steps required for automatically removing the downloaded list items in Safari. In Safari, the downloaded files are stored in the specified location under Safari Preferences.Click the Safari menu and select Preferences from menu list.In the Preferences window and navigate to General tab. The download location for Safari browser is specified in […] Read More

Quote Original Message in Yahoo Mail

Yahoo Mail has a feature that would automatically quote the original message while replying or forwarding a message. This is useful when you want to highlight the original mail during replying or forwarding a message. Login to your Yahoo Mail account and select Mail Options from the Options drop down. In the Options screen, navigate […] Read More

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