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Tweaks to speed up your Firefox browser

Firefox is one of the popular browsers amongst Internet users. Today, many users have broadband connections which enable the user to surf the Internet faster. However, majority of the applications installed on your PC or Mac tend to use some amount of bandwidth to connect to the Internet which reduces the available bandwidth for surfing. […] Read More

Unhide develop menu in Safari browser

This tutorial talks about the steps required to unhide the develop menu in Safari browser. The develop menu in Safari has some useful features for the web developers. Click the Edit menu and select Preferences from the list of menu option. In the Preferences window, click the Advanced tab. Mark the checkbox with label as […] Read More

Disable Cookies in Safari on iPad 2

This is another short iPad Tips on the steps required for disabling cookies in Safari browser on iPad 2. To turn off cookie tacking, press menu button and tap the Settings icon on the iPad home screen. In the Setting screen, tap the Safari menu option then on the Accept Cookies field value. This would […] Read More

Browser Cache settings in Firefox 5

In this tutorial we will be covering the cache settings available in Firefox 5 browser. Clear Recent History Users can quickly clear the cache in Firefox browser using the Clear Recent History menu option. Click the Tools menu and select Clear Recent History from the menu list. In the Clear Recent History window, select the […] Read More

How to change the default zoom level in Google Chrome

The default zoom level in Google Chrome browser is set to 100%. But if you browse lot of web pages which requires increase in zoom settings then you change default zoom level using the Google Chrome Options. Click the wrench icon available on Google Chrome and select Options from the menu list. In the Options […] Read More

how to restore previous session in Google Chrome

Google Chrome provides users with option for restoring the previous session during the startup. This feature can be enabled using the Google Chrome Options. Click the wrench icon and select options from the list of available menus. In the Google Chrome options screen under the Basics tab navigate to On startup section. From the list […] Read More

How to hide bookmarks bar in Safari browser

Safari browser displays bookmarks bar below the address bar but you can hide this to have more display space for displaying web page content. The bookmarks bar in Safari browser can be hidden using the General Settings menu. Click the General Settings menu available at the top right corner. This would display the following list […] Read More

How to change popup blocker settings in Opera browser

All browsers provides options for enabling or disabling the popup blocker like for example in IE Popup blocker and google chrome popup blocker. Similarly Opera also provides Popup blocker options and this can be accessed using the preferences menu. Click the menu drop down and navigate to Settings menu. From the list of available menu […] Read More

How to import a certificate in Google Chrome

A SSL certificate can be imported in Google Chrome using option menu. Click on the wrench icon –> options –> Navigate to Under the Hood tab Scroll down to Security section and click on the Manage certificates button Click on the import button and use the Certificate import wizard to import a certificate Click Next […] Read More

How to clear or remove cookies in Firefox

Firefox provides option to clear browser history using Clear Recent History feature. It also provides option for clearing individual cookies. Click on the Tools –> Options   Click on the remove individual cookies link. This would display the following Cookies window Using the above you can either Remove All Cookies or Select or search individual […] Read More

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