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How to check for software updates on Google Nexus 7

Google Nexus 7 users can check for availability of latest updates using the option provided as part of the Settings. Step 1: Tap the Settings option from the quick links. Step 2: In the Settings screen, navigate to the System section and tap the About Tablet option. Step 3: Tap the System Updates option under […] Read More

iPad – how to check the photos count

iPad mini – how to check the photos count It is easy to find out what is the usage of the photos you have taken using your ipad. If you are not sure this is how this can be checked, go to Settings -> General -> Photos and Camera shows the size being used by […] Read More

How to check version of Office 2013 products

This tutorial provides the simple steps required for finding out the version any Office 2013 applications such as Word 2013, Outlook 2013, Excel 2013 etc.… For this example we will be using the screenshots from Word 2013 Consumer Preview. Step 1: Click the File menu then the Account link. Step 2: Then navigate to Product […] Read More

How to check battery level of Apple Magic Mouse and Wireless Keyboard

Do you want to recharge the battery of your Apple Magic Mouse and Wireless Keyboard on time then you can follow the below mentioned steps. Apple Wireless Keyboard Step 1: Launch System Preferences on Mac. Step 2: Click Keyboard option under Hardware section. Step 3: Keyboard battery level will be displayed at the bottom of […] Read More

Manually check for Software Update on iPad 2

This tutorial provides the steps for manually checking for software update on iPad. Tap the Settings icon on the Home screen and navigate to Software Update option under General Settings. Tapping Software Update option will check whether your iPad is up-to-date with latest software. If no updates are then “Your software is up to date” […] Read More

How to enable spell check before sending email on Mac OS X Lion

This tutorial tells you how to enable spell check before sending any email on Mac OS X Lion Mail App. The default behavior in Mail app is that the spellings will be check as we type the email. Click the Mail icon and select Preferences from the menu list. In the Composing Preferences, navigate to […] Read More

Check BSNL broadband usage using online portal

There was already an article posted here on how to check BSNL broadband online. The procedure explained earlier has changed and now you can check BSNL broadband usage using Online portal as explained below. Login to your BSNL Portal with your Portal username and password. If you do not have the credentials then you can […] Read More

How check whether Office 2010 in 32 bit or 64 bit

In this short tutorial we will see how to check whether your installed office 2010 product is a 32 bit or 64 bit. One of the way to find these details is by using the options provided as part of the Office 2010 help menu. Launch any of the office application such as Microsoft Word. […] Read More

How to check employee provident fund online

Now you can check your employee provident fund online using this link here. In the Member Balance Information page, select your state and then your Office location. For example if you want to check PF account in Chennai office then select the state as Tamil Nadu and office as Chennai.This would display the following page […] Read More

How to check active sessions in Facebook

We have already seen how to enable secure browsing in Facebook. Similarly you can also find the active sessions in Facebook. To check active sessions in your Facebook account, click the Account link and select Account Settings from the displayed menu list.In the Account Settings page, select Security option from the menu list.In the Security […] Read More

Find repeated words in Word 2010

Microsoft Word 2010 has a feature that checks for the occurrence of repeated words in a word document. For example if you have typed a word twice continuously then the second word will be highlighted for as shown below. Also Word provides the user with option for deleting the repeated word. The find repeated word […] Read More

How to check CPU Usage on Samsung Wave II

The CPU of Samsung Wave II is powered by a behemoth ARM Cortex A8 Hummingbird 1GHz processor. You can easily do multi-tasking with the mobile phone and play games and chat simultaneously. However, to prevent unwanted program termination due to lack of processing power, it is up to you to ensure the processor is free […] Read More

How to turn off the default browser check in Internet Explorer 9 (IE9)

We have already seen how to disable the Internet Explorer 8. Similarly you can turn off the default browser check in Internet Explorer or IE9. This can be done in two ways either using Internet Options or by using the settings available as apart of the default browser check dialog box. 1. Using Internet Options. […] Read More

How to remove the default mail client check in Thunderbird

Mozilla Thunderbird provides option to turn off the default mail client check. This can be done using the Thunderbird Options. Click The Tools menu –> select Options from the list of available menus. In the Options window, click the Advanced section and navigate to System Integration section. To disable the default mail client check, un […] Read More

How to disable the default browser check for Internet Explorer

We have already seen how to disable the default browser check for Firefox. Similarly if Internet Explorer is not the default browser on windows your system then you would be prompted with the following dialog box. To stop this message appearing in future you can un tick the check box with label as Always perform […] Read More

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