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How to unhide comments in Excel

Excel 2013 and Excel 2010 generally shows comments in worksheet with the Indicator as shown below.And when you hover over the indicator it will display the added comments.But in case if you are not able see the comments added to your worksheet then try the unhide option available as part of the Click the File […] Read More

How to Insert, Delete, Customize Comments in Excel

This tutorial provides information on the comment feature available in Excel 2013 & Excel 2010. The following will be covered as part of this tutorial. How to insert comment Customize the comment box Navigate between Comments Delete Comment A Comment can be quickly deleted are hidden by right clicking on the cell and selecting the […] Read More

How to insert comments in Google Docs Spreadsheet

In this short tutorial, we will be seeing how to insert and delete comments in a Google Docs Spreadsheet.Insert CommentGoogle Docs Spreadsheet users can insert comment via the Insert menu and the Keyboard shortcut is Shift + F2Also they can add comment by right clicking on the cell and selecting Insert Comment from the menu […] Read More

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