excel 2011

Microsoft Excel has a Goal Seek feature which can be used to derive value of a cell based on the result set for the cell containing a formula. Let us see this with an example that does a simple addition. In the below screenshot, you should notice that the sum of A3 to E3 is [...]

In this tutorial, we will see the steps required to change the background colour of cell based on text entered in another cell using conditional formatting in Excel 2011 for Mac. Let us considered the following sample data with name of students and their Grade. Now based on the text entered under grade, you want [...]

This tutorial provides the steps required for changing the default file location in Excel 2011 for Mac. Users can set their preferred file location using the Excel Preferences. Click the Excel menu and select Preferences from the menu list. Click the General option available under Authoring section. In the General Preferences window, navigate to Preferred [...]

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