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How to block app request from friends on Facebook

This tutorial about the steps required to block app request received from friends on Facebook. Are you annoyed with repeated app requests received from your friends then you can follow the below mentioned steps to block the requests. Login to Facebook and select Privacy Settings under Home menu. In the Privacy Settings page, navigate to […] Read More

How to send facebook invite to friends email address

In this tutorial, we are going to see about sending Facebook invite to a friend's email address. If you want to send invite to all your contacts then you can use Find Friends option on Facebook. And when you want to send invite to only specific email address then you can do the following. Navigate […] Read More

How to prevent unathourized access of Facebook Account

Facebook provides couple of features that helps users to prevent unauthorized access of their account. We have already seen about how to enable secure browsing in Facebook. And now let us see how to enable Facebook to send alert notification when your Facebook account is accessed from computer or mobile device that you haven't used […] Read More

How to block people in Facebook

We had already seen how to block users by email in Facebook but the steps discussed earlier has changed with the recent update to Facebook. Now if you want to block people by email or name in Facebook, click the drop down arrow available at top right corner and select Privacy Settings from the drop […] Read More

How to quickly stop receiving friend’s updates in Facebook

Facebook has recently introduced to new feature called Subscribe button using which you can select the kind of updates that you want to receive from your friends as well other Facebook users. Let us say if you do not want to receive your friend's activity, comments and likes updates then you can unselect these updates […] Read More

Remove authorized app from your Facebook account.

Facebook users can check the list of authorized app in their account using the Account Settings. Login to Facebook, click the Account drop down and select Account Settings from the menu list.In the Account settings page, click the Application menu available on the sidebar.This would display the list of Authorized apps which could interact with […] Read More

How to check active sessions in Facebook

We have already seen how to enable secure browsing in Facebook. Similarly you can also find the active sessions in Facebook. To check active sessions in your Facebook account, click the Account link and select Account Settings from the displayed menu list.In the Account Settings page, select Security option from the menu list.In the Security […] Read More

Enable secure browsing in Facebook

Facebook has recently changed its security setting and by default it has disabled secured browsing. You can check whether secure browsing is enabled for a Facebook account URL displayed in the address bar ( – without https). Enable Secure Browsing in Facebook Users can turn on the secured browsing by modifying the security setting available […] Read More

Did you log into Facebook from somewhere new?

Received an email from Facebook with subject as “Did you log into Facebook from somewhere new?”  with the following message text Your Facebook account was recently logged into from a computer, mobile device or other location you've never used before. For your protection, we've temporarily locked your account until you can review this activity and […] Read More

Copy contacts from Facebook to Gmail

Transferring contacts from Facebook to Gmail has become little difficult after Facebook removed Gmail from the list of Third Party Email Providers. And now there are some services available using which contacts can be extracted from Facebook and then imported back to Gmail. Couple of those services are listed below which does the initial step […] Read More

Change status to unavailable in Facebook Chat

We have already how to change the Facebook Chat status Offline. But recently there has been some changes made to Facebook Chat feature.  After the recent update the chat section now appears as a sidebar widget in Facebook portal on the bottom right hand corner To make yourself unavailable for Facebook chat click the down […] Read More

How to change your Chat status to Offline in Facebook

Facebook allows users to chat with their friends once they login to their account. The default Facebook Chat status is set to Online and you can go offline using the Chat Options link Navigate to the Chat section displayed on the bottom right corner of Facebook portal. This would display the Friends list who are […] Read More

How to hide your Facebook Profile changes displayed as Wall Post

Facebook profile changes by default get displayed on your Wall as a post. But if you do not want this to be published on your wall then you can hide these posts. For example if you made have changes to the language used in Facebook. Then a post similar to the one shown below will […] Read More

Posts recap–Facebook

[…] Read More

How to hide your friend list in Facebook

Facebook by default allows everyone to see friend list of any Facebook user. But if you do not want to share your friends list to anyone then you can hide it using the Facebook Privacy Settings. Login to your Facebook account and click the drop down arrow below Account menu option. From the drop down […] Read More

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