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Open Gmail in new tab – Toolbar Icon – Firefox 4

This Firefox add-on makes you work easy by not typing on the address bar to go to Gmail or few clicks by getting it from your bookmarks. This add-on lets to go to Gmail by just clicking the button. Here are some simple steps on how to get this, Search for this text in Google […] Read More

Tab Scope – Firefox 4 add-on

Tab Scope is another add-on for Firefox 4, where you can pin your tabs i.e. minimize the tabs. Let’s see how to make use of this add-on. Go to add-on page and select Tab Scope and add this to your Firefox. With this add-on you can have multiple tabs with minimized state. Here is a […] Read More

Awesome Screenshot – Capture and Annotate – Firefox 4 add-on

No more print screen to take a screenshot, pasting it on paint and saving it as jpg. With Firefox 4 it will makes your job very easy. Let’s see about this add-on, Search for this add-on ‘Awesome Screenshot - Capture and Annotate’ and add this to your Firefox. Restart your browser and you could see […] Read More

How to Customize your Firefox 4

When you start using your Firefox 4 you may feel something is missing, they are nothing but the buttons like Go, Refresh, Stop etc. you can get this by following these simple tips. This is the default way your Firefox 4 will be shown, Click customize button as shown in the screenshot below, This will […] Read More

How to download videos from websites – Firefox 4

This add-on for Firefox is really useful to download the videos from any websites that you see. You don’t have to install any third party software. Go to Tools -> Add-ons and search for Embedded Objects and add this to Firefox. You many have to restart your browser to get this add-on activated. Go to […] Read More

Firefox 4 – How to make Firefox not to remember history

When you don’t want your Firefox browser to remember the history, i.e. not to store all the websites you are browsing. Go to Options -> Privacy -> from the History tab select from the list ‘Never remember history’ (as shown in the screenshot below). This will not store any of the details of the websites […] Read More

How to unhide the status bar in Firefox 4

After installing Firefox 4, one of the feature which you note will be the missing status bar. Most of the publishers and SEO experts use the SearchStatus Firefox plugin for checking Alexa Ranking and Page Ranking information of a blog or a website. The Firefox 4 by default does not display the status bar and […] Read More

How to unhide menu bar in Firefox 4

We have seen already how to unhide menu bar in Firefox but in the latest Firefox 4 version this can can done by using the Firefox dropdown option. To display the menu bar in Firefox 4, click the drop down arrow available next Firefox. This would display the following menu option as shown below. Navigate […] Read More

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