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Tweaks to speed up your Firefox browser

Firefox is one of the popular browsers amongst Internet users. Today, many users have broadband connections which enable the user to surf the Internet faster. However, majority of the applications installed on your PC or Mac tend to use some amount of bandwidth to connect to the Internet which reduces the available bandwidth for surfing. […] Read More

How to export saved password from Firefox 8.0

We have seen already that Firefox provides users with an option to see the saved password using the Show Password feature. But if you are moving to a different machine and want to copy the saved password from Firefox then you can use Password Exporter Add-on. Install the Password Exported Firefox Add-on Click Tools menu, […] Read More

How to enable spell check in Firefox

We have already seen how to enable spell check in Google Chrome, similarly if you want to enable spell check in Firefox then you can do the following Click the Tools menu and select Options from the displayed menu list. In Firefox Option window, click the Advanced tan then General Sub tab. Then mark the […] Read More

How to enable malware protection in browsers

Most of the browsers provide malware protection to their users, in this tutorial we see how to enable malware protection in Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari. Google Chrome Click the Wrench icon and select Options from the menu list. Then navigate to Under the Hood Option screen. In Under the Hood screen, navigate to […] Read More

Browser Cache settings in Firefox 5

In this tutorial we will be covering the cache settings available in Firefox 5 browser. Clear Recent History Users can quickly clear the cache in Firefox browser using the Clear Recent History menu option. Click the Tools menu and select Clear Recent History from the menu list. In the Clear Recent History window, select the […] Read More

How to display text and icon for Toolbar items in Firefox 5

Firefox 5 provides users with option for displaying text and icon for Toolbar items. The default toolbar appearance only displays icons and to change this behaviour Click Firefox drop down arrow and navigate Options menu The Options side menu will display the following list of menus Select Toolbar Layout from Options side menu. In Customize […] Read More

Easy YouTube Video Downloader – add-on for Firefox 4

With the help of this add-on you can download all YouTube videos in just one click. It supports formats like – MP4, FLV, and MP3. So you can download YouTube videos in any of these formats. Here are some simple steps on how to install and use this add-on, 1. Go to the url, […] Read More

Secure your passwords in your Firefox 4

As you know all your usernames and passwords are stored in your browser which is insecure when someone uses your computer they can see them easily. To protect this Firefox provides an option. Go to Tools -> Options -> Security tab -> check the box that says “Use a master password”. This will open up […] Read More

How to remove add-ons from Firefox 4

Unwanted add-ons in your Firefox will occupy unwanted space and might slow down your browser when you browse. When you are not using an add-on it is better to remove them. Here we will see how to remove the add-on. Go to Tools -> Add-ons -> this will open a new tab. Click Extensions link […] Read More

Web mail notifier – Get mail alerts with Firefox 4

Web mail notifier is a Firefox add-on where you can configure your Gmail, yahoo and Hotmail accounts and this add-on will notify you where there is a new mail. Go to this page and add this add-on to your Firefox - When you have done with the installation, restart your browser to see the […] Read More

How to change position of tab display in Firefox 4

Firefox 4 by default displays the tabs above the address bar as shown below. But it also provides option to change the position of the tab to display the below the address bar. This can be done using the View Toolbars menu option. Click on View menu and navigate to Toolbars menu bar option. From […] Read More

How to import bookmark from Firefox to Internet Explorer 9

Internet Explorer 9 has a feature using which you can import bookmarks from Firefox. This feature can be accessed using the Add Favourites menu. To import bookmarks from Firefox, click the Star icon from Internet Explorer menu option (Keyboard shortcut is Alt+C) and then the drop down arrow next to Add to favourites From the […] Read More

How to use search feature in Firefox

Firefox has a search option for finding text on a given a web page. This search option can be launched either by the keyboard shortcut (Ctrl + F) or by navigating to Edit menu and selecting Find from the available menu list. The search option gets displayed at the bottom of the browser window as […] Read More

How to add a new search engine to Firefox

Firefox allow users to specify a search engine that has to be used for search. This can be done using the Search field available at the top as show below. The default search engine used by Firefox fox any searches is Firefox but if you want to add a new search engine then you can […] Read More

How to preserve the last accessed web page in Firefox

Firefox provides options to the user to retain the last accessed web pages when a Firefox starts. This can be done using the Startup section available as part of the Firefox General Options. To make this change, click the Tools menu and select Options from menu list. Navigate to Startup section under the General tab […] Read More

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