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How to create simple questionnaire using Google Docs

This tutorial is about the steps required for creating simple feedback form using Google Docs. If you have conducted any workshop and want to get the feedback of the attendees then you can use form option avaiable in Google Docs. Step 1: Login to Google Docs and click the Create button and select Form from […] Read More

How to insert page numbers in Google Docs

This short tutorial is about inserting page numbers in Google Docs. Google Docs has a new feature that now allows users to insert page numbers. Googe Docs users can insert page number and page count using the options available as part of the Insert menu.Navigate to the page where you want insert the page number […] Read More

Organize Google Docs files using Collection

Google Docs has a feature called Collection which would help users to organize their files. Selecting a specific file in the Document list would be difficult when you have large number of files and Collection could come handy in these scenarios. For example if you want to separate your work files and personal files then […] Read More

Auto Replace feature in Google Docs

This tutorial talks about the Auto Replace feature available in Google Docs. Using this feature, Google Docs users can add abbreviation and their corresponding words. For example, if you want to the entry da to be replaced with digianswers then you can do the followingClick the Tools menu and select Preferences from the displayed menu […] Read More

How to rename a Google Docs Spreadsheet

This is simple tutorial but will be helpful for any Google Docs beginners. If you want to rename an already saved Google Docs Spreadsheet, navigate to document list and select the spreadsheet you want to rename. if you have have got lot of documents then you can try filtering out only spreadsheets using the option […] Read More

Always Keep headings visible in Google Spreadsheet

When you are working with lot of data in a Spreadsheet, the headings would disappear when you start scrolling down the rows. Google Docs Spreadsheet provides users with the option for keeping the headings always visible even when you scroll down the Sheet. This can be done by using the menu option available as part […] Read More

How to enable autocomplete in Google Docs Spreadsheet

Autocomplete feature helps users by automatically filling the content of cell when users starting entering the first couple of letters in the Cell. The automatic entry is picked from the previously entered values for the same column.Let us say you have got the following list of entries in one of the columnArizonaAlabamaCaliforniaFloridaIndianaNow when you start […] Read More

Hide Sheet , Gridlines and Formula bar in Google Docs Spreadsheet

This tutorial is about the steps required to hide sheet, Gridlines and Formula bar in a Google Docs Spreadsheet.Hide Sheet in SpreadsheetA sheet in Google Docs Spreadsheet can be hidden by clicking the down arrow icon on the sheet tab and selecting hide from the menu list.And to unhide a sheet, click the View menu […] Read More

15 Text Functions in Google Docs Spreadsheet

Listed below are the 15 text functions that you should be familiar in Google Docs Spreadsheet.concat - This is used for concatenating two text.code - Returns the character code for the entered character.exact - Compares two texts whether they are same and returns a Booleanfind - Returns the position of a character in the entered […] Read More

Turn off auto detect links in Google Docs

Google Docs has a feature that can automatically detect any links and apply the style accordingly. For example if you have type a text as in a Google Docs document then it would consider this as a hyperlink But if you do not want the hyperlink then highlight the link and click on the […] Read More

How to find word count in Google Docs Document

Word count in a Google Docs document can be found using the menu option available as part of Tools menu. The Word Count window provides count of pages, Words, Characters (no spaces), Characters (with spaces). If you want find the Word Count in document, click on the Tools menu and then select Word count from […] Read More

How to hide Google Docs documents from home page

Google Docs has a feature which allows users to hide the documents from home page. This is useful if you want move unimportant documents from the home page. To hide the documents, select the required document from the Dashboard on the Google Docs home page. The count of selected documents would be displayed on the […] Read More

How to protect a Google Docs Spreadsheet

Google Docs provides users with option for restricting the access to the spreadsheet. Users can protect a spreadsheet the following ways Click on the Sheet name available at the bottom of the spreadsheet. Select Protect sheet from the list of available menus. This would display the following Protect sheet dialog box. In the above dialog […] Read More

Turn off the upload settings confirmation message in Google Docs

Google Docs allows users to upload files or folders from your computer. And when you try to upload a file the following confirmation message will be displayed If you do not want to see this message for every Google Docs upload then you can turn off by the following ways. In the above Upload settings […] Read More

Covert a document in Google docs to PDF

Google docs has a feature which can be used to convert a document to PDF. So you don’t have to look for any free online PDF converters instead use Download As option available as part of the File menu. Launch the Google docs document that needs to be converted in to PDF. Click the File […] Read More

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