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Make a Story Album using Galaxy Grand 2

Story Album is a feature available on the Galaxy Grand2; using this feature you can organize all your photos and videos to create an album. Various themes are available to make your album attractive. You could also print the album through the online service. Here are some simple steps to create your album, Tap on […] Read More

Top 10 free Android apps for Galaxy Grand 2

CPU-Z: This app provides all the information about your device, like model number, manufacturer, hardware, ram and storage details. AVG Antivirus Security: Free Anti-Virus security from AVG, to protect your phone from viruses. App Dialer: If you have loads of apps on your device, app dialer helps you identify them quickly by typing the first […] Read More

10 Tips to make your Samsung Galaxy faster

Started feeling the slowness of your Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 smartphone? Here are some tips to make it faster. Tip 1: Try restarting your phone which will fix most of your phones performance related problems. Tip 2: Its time now to uninstall the unwanted apps. Having lots of apps consume more memory, clearing some of […] Read More

Turn your phone as a torch – Samsung Galaxy Grand2

Though there are lots of applications available in the play store to use your phone as a torch, but for Grand2 there is no need download them. It by default has a torch called as Assistive light. This is available on the widgets, where you could place it on the home screen to use the […] Read More

Clear inactive and background processes on Grand 2

In Android phones, when you don’t close the applications properly they remain running in the background, this will consume lot of memory which will slow down the performance of the phone. For this there is no need to install any third party applications from the play store, this is by default available on the Samsung […] Read More

Samsung Grand 2 – Hard and Soft reset

There are two ways of resetting your phone, hard and soft. Hard reset is done by using the hardware keys like power key and volume key and Soft reset is done by using the software. If you are able to go to Settings -> General -> Backup and reset then you could do a soft […] Read More

Smart Stay in Samsung Galaxy Grand 2

Smart Stay is a unique feature which is available in most of the Samsung Galaxy series. This feature is all about saving your battery life. When this feature is activated it uses the front camera to determine where your eyes are looking at. I.e. when you are looking at the phone it keeps the brightness […] Read More

Block incoming call and disable notifications on Grand 2

In Grand 2, You don’t have to install any third party applications in order to block the incoming calls. This feature is by default available on the device. Not only blocking the incoming call you can but also disable the notifications like messages. From Settings go to Device and tap on Blocking mode. From the […] Read More

Multi window and its use on Grand 2

Grand series allows you to use Multi window. With this feature you can make the phone run two applications at the same time. Here are some simple steps on how to enable and use it. From Settings go to Device and tap on Multi window. On the Multi window screen enable this option. You could […] Read More

Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 gets Android KitKat 4.4.2 update

Here is happy news for all Grand 2 users, the much awaited Android update KitKat has come. KitKat 4.4.2 version is now available for download. This update is of 360 MB of size and is launched only in India. You could download this update either by Samsung Kies app or download it over-the-air. To download […] Read More

Manage SIM Cards on Grand 2

As you might be aware that your Grand 2 supports dual SIM, here are some easy steps to manage them. Go to Settings -> Device and tap on SIM card manager. On the SIM card manager screen you could see there are two SIM card slots. Tap on SIM1, it opens up the screen where […] Read More

Unique ways of answering/ending calls on Grand 2

Other than just swiping the green arrow, there are other ways of answering the incoming calls in Samsung Galaxy Grand 2. One way is to make the Home key to pick your incoming calls. Other way is to control them via Voice. To activate this go to Settings and tap on Accessibility. On the Accessibility […] Read More

Accessing Easy Mode on Grand 2

Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 users can activate the Easy Mode to get a simpler home screen layout. It is more useful for the first time smart phone users. Usually when you start using your new phone you would create widgets like clock, weather, calendar and other useful items on your home screen. When Easy Mode […] Read More

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