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Moto G5 Plus – Soft and Hard boot

It is unlikely that any phone gets hanged because of too many apps running or some apps could make your phone hang. In that situation you could simply remove the battery from the phone and put them back and start it which will work fine. But on the Moto G5 Plus there is no option […] Read More

Samsung Grand 2 – Hard and Soft reset

There are two ways of resetting your phone, hard and soft. Hard reset is done by using the hardware keys like power key and volume key and Soft reset is done by using the software. If you are able to go to Settings -> General -> Backup and reset then you could do a soft […] Read More

Perform Hard Reset on Samsung Wave II

There are times when your mobile phone gets buggy and does not perform well, and you think about reinstalling or flashing the phone. They are very common techniques of getting things right, however these procedures will delete local content and applications from the phone. That is why it is always recommended to first try a […] Read More

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