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Uninstall Internet Explorer 9 on Windows Vista

In this tutorial we will be covering how to uninstall Internet Explorer 9 on a Windows Vista system. If you have problems with IE 9 or you want revert to the previous version of Internet Explorer for your work then you can uninstall IE 9 using options available as part of Windows Control Panel. Click […] Read More

Clear cached webpages in Internet Explorer

This is the last post in about browser cache series and here will be covering the steps required for clearing browser cache in Internet Explorer 9. Manually Clear Cache IE users can manually clear cache using the Delete Browsing History option. Click on the Tools menu and select Internet Options from the list. In the […] Read More

Different Toolbars in Internet Explorer 9

Internet Explorer 9 has different toolbars like Menu bar, Favourites Bar, Command bar and Status bar. Menu Bar as the name suggests contains list if menus and sub menus such as File, Edit, View Favorites, Tools and Help. This displayed below the IE 9 address bar. Favorites bar contains quick links and it is available […] Read More

Unhide favourite bar in Internet Explorer 9

The favourite bar is by default hidden in Internet explorer 9. And IE 9 provides users with the option for un hiding the favourite bar. You can un hide the favourite bar using the Toolbars menu option or by using the option available as part of context menu In the menu bar, navigate to View […] Read More

Internet Explorer 9 and Private Browsing

Internet Explorer 8 introduced InPrivate Browsing feature using which users browse privately. The same feature is also available as part of IE9. The InPrivate Browsing is available in Internet Explorer 9 as part of the can be launched using the Internet Options. Click the Tools icon available on top right hand side of Internet Explorer. […] Read More

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