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How to check the OS version of your iPad

iPad allows users to check the version of OS installed using the settings menu. This would be useful when you are troubleshooting some problems in your iPad. To check the OS version 1. In the home screen, tap the settings menu. 2. In the settings screen, navigate to General settings. 3. In the General Settings […] Read More

How to change the default search engine in iPad

Change the default search engine in Safari browser on iPad iPad 2 comes with the pre installed safari browser which has the default search engine set to Google. If you are big fan of Microsoft Bing search engine then you can change the default search engine to Bing using the iPad settings. In the iPad […] Read More

How to remove a installed apps from iPad

Apple iPad beats rest of the tablet with the range of different apps in apple store. And if you have installed lots of apps in your iPad 2 and you want uninstall some apps then you can do the following 1. Navigate to the home screen and locate app you want to uninstall. Press and […] Read More

Stop receiving iPhone calls on your iPad and Mac

Receiving your iPhone calls on your iPad or Mac after upgrading to iOS 8 and Yosemite. Here are steps to prevent iPhone calls getting transferred to iPad and Mac Disable iPhone Cellular calls on iPad Step 1: Access the home screen on your iPad. Step 2: Navigate to Settings icon on iPad home screen. Step […] Read More

How to find any lost iPhone, iPad or MacBook Pro

Apple users can find their lost devices (iPhone, iPad or MacBook Pro) using Find My iPhone, Find My iPad and Find My Mac option. Let us see the steps required for enabling this feature on these devices and locating them using iCloud. Find My iPhone / iPad Step 1: Tap Settings on iPhone / iPad. […] Read More

How to purchase more iCloud space for iPad

All iPad users by default get 5 GB of free iCloud space. And if you need more iCloud space then you can purchase from Apple. List below are simple instructions to get more iCloud space. Step 1: Tap Settings on iPad home screen and navigate to iCloud option. Step 2: Then tap Storage & Backup […] Read More

Behaviours Hyperlinks in Safari browser on iPad or iPhone

Listed below are some of the behaviours of Hyperlinks on an iPad or iPhone Safari browser. Tap - navigating to another webpage When you tap on a hyperlink, the users will be taken to the linked webpage. This is the normal behaviour of the hyperlink.   Tap and hold for additional options. iPad users can […] Read More

Bookmarks and Favorites bar in iPad Safari

Safari browser in iPad provides users with the option to save and organize bookmarks. Let us see how to add and organize bookmarks and show or hide favourites bar on iPad. Adding Bookmarks in Safari browser on iPad Step 1: Launch Safari browser and access your favourite website or blog. Step 2: Then tap the […] Read More

What you can do with photos as email attachment in iPad Mail app?

iPad Mail app provides users with different options for the photos sent as an email attachment. Listed below are some of the features that you might find useful. When you tap and hold on the image, a popup would appear as shown in the above screenshot. Save images to Camera roll Tap the Save Image […] Read More

Easiest way to delete multiple contacts on your iPad or iPhone

Having trouble in finding out a way to delete multiple contacts on iPad or iPhone. How about using iCloud sync hack for solving this problem. There in no direct way for removing multiple contacts on your Apple device but you can use iCloud – Contacts Sync option for this purpose. Please note that this would […] Read More

How to copy photos from Mac to iPad

We had already covered couple of articles on the steps required for copying photos from iPhone or iPad on to Mac using Image Capture. In this tutorial, we are going to see the steps involved to copy photos from your Mac or Windows on to iPad or iPhone. There are many ways to copy photos […] Read More

How to set wallpaper in iOS 7 for iPad

iOS 7 users can set wallpapers for home screen and lock screen for their Apple devices using the option available as part of device settings. With iOS 7 now users can go for Dynamic wallpapers apart from the already available still wallpapers and Camera Roll. Listed below are the steps for changing wallpapers on iPad. […] Read More

Change App Store payment method on iPad

In this tutorial, we will see the steps required to change the App Store Payment method on any apple devices. Apple users can change the Payment Information such as Credit details and Billing address using the App Store Settings. For this example, we will be using iPad to access the Payment Information screen. How to […] Read More

Remove cookies from specific website on iPad

iPad users have the option to clear cookies for all websites or delete data from specific websites. The clear cookies option is available as part of Safari Settings. Remove Cookies from Specific websites in iOS 7 for iPad Step 1: Tap the Settings icon on iPad home screen. Step 2: Navigate to Safari option on […] Read More

Write mail in more than one languages on iPad

How write mail in more than one languages on iPad This tutorial is in reply to a query posted by user in regards to change display language on iPad. I frequently write e-mails in English and French. In French I need the Orthograph corrections and accents etc . Is there an easy way to switch […] Read More

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