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Slide Show keyboard shortcuts in PowerPoint

PowerPoint 2016, 2013 and 2010 Slide Show keyboard shortcut will be displayed as part Slide Show help (by pressing F1 during a Slide Show). The different Slide Show Shortcuts available as part of PowerPoint are Advanced to the next slide ‘N’, space, right or down arrow, enter, or page down Return to the previous slide […] Read More

Insert footnote or Endnote in Word

Footnotes are added to provide detailed comments and Endnotes for citation of sources. Check this link for more information on these two feature. In Word 2013 and Word 2010 one case insert Footnote or Endnote using the References menu and also by Keyboard shortcuts. To insert a footnote or endnote, Click References menu and then […] Read More

How to mark a email message as unread in Outlook

Outlook provides an option for marking an already read email items as unread. You can do this for easy identification of email messages and if you want to revisit them at a later time. You can mark an email message as unread by either a Keyboard shortcut or using the menu option. Listed below are […] Read More

Download Word 2013 and Word 2010 Keyboard shortcuts

Microsoft Word 2013 and 2010 provide lot of keyboard shortcuts for the users. Listed below are the steps to find out the keyboard shortcuts in Word 2013 and Word 2010 Click on the View menu –> Macros   In the Macros window, select Word Commands Macros in drop down After selecting Word Commands select ListCommands […] Read More

How to assign Keyboard shortcut for App menus on Mac

Mac users can assign keyboard shortcut for App menus using the shortcuts option available as part of System Preferences. Let us say you want to assign a keyboard shortcut for Task Manager menu option in Google Chrome app. Step 1: Click Apple icon and select System Preferences from the menu list. Step 2: In the […] Read More

15 useful keyboard shortcuts for Google Spreadsheets

Listed below are 15 useful keyboard shortcuts for Google SpreadsheetsKeyboard ShortcutDescriptionTabMove one cell Shift+TabMove one cell to the left Ctrl+Page DownMove to next worksheet Ctrl+Page UpMove to previous worksheet Ctrl+BackspaceScroll to the active cell when multiple cells are selected Ctrl+;Insert current date into cellCtrl+:Insert current time into cell Ctrl+/Open keyboard shortcuts help Alt+Shift+FMove focus to […] Read More

Apple iTunes Keyboard shortcuts

Listed below the keyboard shortcuts for iTunes. Action Shortcut Playback shortcuts Play the currently selected song immediately Enter Move forward or backward within a song Control-Alt-Arrow Listen to the next or previous album in a list Shift-Right Arrow or Left Arrow Go to the next or previous song in a list Left Arrow or Right […] Read More

Change the keyboard shortcuts mode in Hotmail

Hotmail allows users to customize the keyboard shortcuts. The users can choose their desired type of keyboard shortcuts from the list of shortcuts. The list of available keyboard shortcuts options are Hotmail and Outlook Web Access (OWA), Yahoo Mail, Gmail and you can also Turn off keyboard shortcuts. To change the keyboard shortcuts mode in […] Read More

More than 50+ Gmail Keyboard shortcuts

Shortcut Key Definition Action c Compose Allows you to compose a new message. <Shift> + c allows you to compose a message in a new window. / Search Puts your cursor in the search box. k Move to newer conversation Opens or moves your cursor to a more recent conversation. You can hit <Enter> to […] Read More

Download Keyboard shortcuts for PowerPoint 2010

A post is already available for Slide Show keyboard shortcuts in PowerPoint 2010, this post covers some more keyboard shortcuts available in PowerPoint and in the end you can download a document listed with these available keyboard shortcuts. Indenting – Increase Press TAB Press ALT + SHIFT + RIGHT + ARROW Indenting – Decrease Press […] Read More

What is the keyboard shortcut for sending email in Outlook 2010

Outlook 2010 users can quickly send email message by using the Keyboard shortcut as Ctrl + Enter. In case even after using this shortcut if the mail is not sent then you can check whether this has been enabled in Outlook Options. This can be done by clicking File menu –> Options Navigate to Mail […] Read More

Gmail – Custom keyboard shortcuts

As we have already discussed about ‘How to enable keyboard shortcuts in Gmail’, now let’s see how to customize them. Google mail has now come up with an option of allowing the users to customize the keyboard shortcuts. To do this go to Gmail Labs (icon next to your settings link) search for the text […] Read More

How to enable keyboard shortcuts in Gmail

Gmail provides keyboard shortcuts for various mail options such as for compose it is shift + c, shift + # to delete a conversation and many more. The complete list of Gmail keyboard shortcuts is available here. But these shortcuts will not work if the keyboard shortcuts is turned on for your Gmail account. You […] Read More

10 useful Keyboard shortcuts for Google Chrome

List below are some of the useful keyboard shortcuts for Google Chrome Alt + Home                                           Loads Home Page Ctrl + T                                                 Opens new window Ctrl + Shift + N                                  Opens incognito window Ctrl + B                                                 Hide or Unhide Google Chrome Bookmarks Ctrl + H                                                 Opens History Page Ctrl + J                                                  Open downloads page Ctrl + […] Read More

Tips – keyboard shortcuts for Windows

  There are various posts available in this blog related with keyboard shortcuts in windows applications like Windows XP and Run command Shortcuts Vista Keyboard shortcuts using Windows Key Windows Vista Keyboard shortcuts for displaying System Properties Microsoft Outlook Web Access Shortcuts Internet Explorer Tabs Keyboard shortcuts And Keyboard shortcuts published here provides complete information […] Read More

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