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How to link Aadhaar with PAN

Central Board of Direct Taxes, Government of India has made Aadhaar mandatory for filing returns. Income Tax India website is now providing option to link your Aadhaar card with your PAN card. These are following ways one can link Aadhaar with their PAN card.Open in a web browser and you should see the following […] Read More

How to add link in Outlook

Outlook 2016, 2013 & 2010 users can add link to an email message by either using the option available as part of Insert menu or right click context menu.Look in section in Insert Hyperlink window allows user to quickly add link by providing options such Current Folder, Browsed Pages and Recent Files […] Read More

Insert PDF file in to word document in Word 2013 & Word 2010

This tutorial provides the instruction for inserting the content of PDF file in to a word document in Word 2013 & Word 2010. Please note that this feature in Word 2010 has limitation and will insert only the first page of the PDF file in to Word document.Click the Insert menu in Word then navigate […] Read More

iPad 2 Safari menu options after iOS 5 upgrade

Safari browser on iPad 2 has got couple of new menu options after upgrading to iOS 5. Listed below are new menu options along with existing options available in Safari browser. Add Bookmark This is function lets users to Bookmark any website that they are browsing. And later they can access these website using the […] Read More

Turn off auto detect links in Google Docs

Google Docs has a feature that can automatically detect any links and apply the style accordingly. For example if you have type a text as in a Google Docs document then it would consider this as a hyperlink But if you do not want the hyperlink then highlight the link and click on the […] Read More

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