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Prevent attendees proposing new times for meetings in Outlook

Outlook 2016, 2013 and 2010 by default will allow attendees to propose new times for meetings. But by using Calendar options in Outlook, you can also prevent any attendees from proposing new times for the meetings. This can be done by navigating to Calendar and then right clicking and selecting Calendar Options from the context […] Read More

Another example using Quick step in Outlook 2010

We have seen how to use the quick step feature in Outlook 2010 to quickly move email to a folder. Similarly if you have to arrange meetings with same setup of people on a daily or weekly basis then you can try quick steps to minimize the work. Navigate to Quick Steps section available under […] Read More

Disable automatic deletion of meeting requests in Outlook 2010

If you do not want to automatically delete a meeting requests or notification or  after responding then you can disable this feature using Outlook Email Options. Click on the File menu –> Options link navigate to Mail tab on the left hand side and scroll down Send messages section. Un tick the check box with […] Read More

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