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How to add link in Outlook

Outlook 2016, 2013 & 2010 users can add link to an email message by either using the option available as part of Insert menu or right click context menu.Look in section in Insert Hyperlink window allows user to quickly add link by providing options such Current Folder, Browsed Pages and Recent Files […] Read More

Turn off display of hyperlinks in Outlook 2013 & Outlook 2010 messages

Outlook 2013 & Outlook 2010 by default displays any Internet address as hyperlinks. This is pretty useful feature and by clicking the hyperlink would quickly launch the website. But if you want to disable this feature while reading as well as composing mail, then you turn off this feature using Editor Options.Turn Off display of […] Read More

Create Search Folder with Criteria in Outlook

Outlook 2013 and Outlook 2010 have feature known as Search Folder which allows users to create new search folder for displaying messages based on criteria. For example a search folder can be created to include all follow up flags and unread messages. Click the Folder menu option in Outlook Office Ribbon then navigate to the […] Read More

How to automatically save messages in Outlook

Outlook provides options to configure auto save functionality. It allows you to choose the folder where you want to store the auto save items and it also allows the users to specify the time period after which the messages needs to saved automatically. Listed below are instructions to enable automatically save messages feature in Outlook […] Read More

How to archive multiple email messages on iPhone or iPad

This tutorial provides the steps required for archiving multiple email messages on iPhone or iPad. You can use the same procedures for deleting or moving more than one messages. Step 1: Tap the Mail app on iPhone or iPad. Step 2: Select the mailbox for archiving email messages then tap the Edit button. Step 3: […] Read More

How to retrieve the archived messages in iPad or iPhone

This answers the query posted by a reader regarding "How to retrieve the archive messages in iPad ". The below mentioned steps can be used for seeing the archived messages of GMail account on iPad as well as iPhone. Step 1: Tap the mail icon on iPad or iPhone. Step 2: In the Mail App, […] Read More

How to view the header details of email message in Hotmail

There have been written about the steps required for viewing the header details of email in different mail applications. Header details on Outlook 2010 Header details on Mac Mail. Header details on Yahoo Mail. Hotmail has a feature that lets users to see the header details of email using the View Message Source option. Step1 […] Read More

Flagged messages in Hotmail

Hotmail users can mark important emails by Flagging the message. The flagged message by default appear at the top of the inbox and also as part of Quick Views. Users can flag an email message by clicking the Flag icon appearing inline with the message. The marked message would be immediately be displayed at the […] Read More

Send and Receive settings in Windows Live Mail 2011

This tutorial is about the send and receive settings available in Windows Live Mail 2011. We will be looking at the following features available as part of Send and Receive messages. Play Sound for new messages Send and Receive messages at the startup Define the time interval for checking new messages Click the File menu […] Read More

How to stop including messages in replies on Windows Live Mail 2011

This articles provides the steps required to disable the feature that includes messages in replies when using Windows Live Mail 2011. Including messages while replying is useful when you want to keep a reference to the original email from the sender. But when the conversation grows, it will become manageable to keep track of things […] Read More

How to turn off app notification on iPad

Apps installed on iPad with iOS 5 can now display notification messages to the users. If you receive too many notification messages from a App then you can turn off the messages by following below mentioned steps. Tap the Settings on iPad Home screen and navigate to Notification Option. Let us say you have a […] Read More

Send Personalized bulk messages in Outlook 2010

Outlook 2010 users can send bulk messages by sending email to contact group or collection of individual email address. The problem associated in using Outlook to send bulk message is that it would display all the email address or contact group name to the recipients and when the number of recipients is more then the […] Read More

Sweep – Tool to clean up messages in Hotmail

Hotmail has a sweep feature which helps users with cleaning up of unwanted messages or moving the messages to specified folder. The main difference between the move and sweep option is that in case of sweep the rule will be applied for future messages as well. For example if you have received deals related emails […] Read More

How to forward emails from Hotmail to other accounts

Hotmail allows its user to forward any email message received in Hotmail to any other email accounts such as Gmail or Yahoo. This can be done using the Hotmail Options. Click on the Options link available on the right hand side, just above the Inbox, select More Options from the menu list. Under Manage your […] Read More

How to navigate between the text messages in Nokia 5800

Though we have a lot of interesting features in 5800, messaging being the basic feature has some interesting stuff in it. As we get lot of messages in our inbox, it is not that we have to see a message in the inbox and come back to inbox again to see another message. There is […] Read More

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