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Opera Mini Web Browser 6.0 for Nokia 5800, N97

This mini web browser from Opera loads web pages faster even when you have a slow internet connection. This browser has got a very stylish interface which gives a better look on your phone. They say the browser uses only a tenth of the bandwidth of other browsers, compressing webpage’s by up to 90%. Sharing […] Read More

How to activate Silent mode instantly in Nokia 5800

Changing profiles is very simple in all the phones, but that has to be set before you start using them. When you tab the date time from your home screen you get the profile options where you can select whichever you want. When you are in a meeting and you have forgot to change the […] Read More

SWYPE for Nokia 5800 and N97

First let me explain you about what SWPE is if you are not familiar with. Swype is designed to be used on touch screen phones with QWERTY keyboards. This feature can be used when typing messages on your phone. When you have this feature enabled you don’t have to type text anymore, just Swype the […] Read More

Puppy Talk for Nokia 5800 and N97

Puppy Talk is a cute application for the Symbian phones like Nokia 5800, N97 etc. This application features an animated dog that captures your voice and repeats in a high pitched voice which makes you laugh like anything. The size of this application is bit high (13MB) so it is recommended to use WIFI to […] Read More

Facebook Chat for Nokia 5800 and N97

Facebook Chat - Yet another useful application from Nokia OVI store for Symbian phones like Nokia 5800, N97 etc. Hope you are familiar with Facebook chat on Facebook website; you can use this application just to chat with your Facebook friends. It is very simple to use, just connect your phone via WI-FI and go […] Read More

How to display cell info on your Nokia 5800

Cell info is nothing but showing you the location where you stay. This feature is available in all Nokia basic models. But let’s see how to set this up in Nokia 5800. Go to Setting -> Connectivity -> Network -> cell info display. This will by default be set to off, change it to on. […] Read More

Nokia 5800 latest Firmware 52.0.007 is now available for download

The latest Firmware 52.0.007 for Nokia 5800 is now available for free download. Improvements that this update has got are, 1. Improved Performance 2. Louder volume levels in the music-player 3. Improved touch-response 4. Updated Maps application 5. Updated browser - version 6. Improved Wi-Fi connection error 7. Better pictures and movies You can […] Read More

Speed up your Nokia 5800

My Nokia 5800 is now 10 months old and I have started feeling that the navigations are too slow. So just wanted to try with the master reset, so took a back up of the phone first thinking it would wash out everything. But not to worry as it has not removed anything from the […] Read More

Nokia 5800 Battery Monitor

This application is from Nokia OVI store which can be used for your Nokia 5800 to monitor the battery levels. Jus download this application from Nokia OVI store and install this on your Nokia 5800. When this is installed, go to Applications and select Battery Monitor. This application now shows the battery level of your […] Read More

Merge Videos using Nokia 5800

Your Nokia 5800 has the option of merging the videos that you have on your phone. Here are some steps on how to merge the videos, 1. Go Gallery -> Images & Videos 2. Select any video and click options. 3. From the options select Edit where you get the options like – Merge. 4. […] Read More

Latest firmware for Nokia 5800 Xpress Music – v.51.0.006

Nokia has released its latest firmware update for 5800 which is V51.0.006. Its previous version was V50.0.005. This latest release hasn’t got much major patches but still has got some improvements like, Improved Mail for Exchange Improved video calls Improved Browser (version - Performance improvements Refreshing the Music Player list is very fast. Latest […] Read More

Call Recording Option in Nokia 5800 – Record Incoming and Outgoing calls

You don’t have to install any third part application to record the voice calls. Nokia 5800 by default has this feature, but is not available to use when you receive a call. Here we will see how to get this done. As we have already discussed about using the Nokia 5800 voice recorder and this […] Read More

Messi – Free Pepsi MAX Theme for Nokia 5800 on OVI Store

Latest theme that is available on OVI Store for Nokia mobiles is the Messi - Pepsi MAX. This theme looks great in colours and has Messi image in the home screen. File size is just 1MB and gets installed very quickly. You can either download this from your computer or from your mobile through WIFI […] Read More

3-D ringtone effect in Nokia 5800

Nokia 5800 has the 3-D stereo feature with which the sounds come in a 3-D effect. You can use this feature for your ringtones and see how they work. Here are the steps to enable this, 1. Go to Settings -> Profiles -> Personal -> click Options and Personalise 2. You get a screen where […] Read More

Creating new Profiles in Nokia 5800

Though there are default profiles available if you want to create a new profile with all your preferred settings here are the steps to follow, 1. Go to Settings and select Personal 2. Now go to Profiles 3. You can see the default profiles here, and now if you want to create a new profile […] Read More

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