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Getting help in Microsoft Word 2016 and 2013

Microsoft Word 2016 and 2013 users can find the help button (?) at the top right hand corner of the application. and keyboard shortcut for accessing help is F1Word 2013 users can search for online help or from the local computer.The option to choose Online or Offline help can be done by clicking down the […] Read More

Read Later Fast – Read webpages offline

Read Later Fast is a Chrome plugin that allows users to read the webpages offline. Instead of using Bookmarks the users can use this plugin to pin the webpages they are interested and later they can read, archive or delete these webpages. This plugin can be downloaded from here. If you want to read any […] Read More

Browser Cache settings in Firefox 5

In this tutorial we will be covering the cache settings available in Firefox 5 browser. Clear Recent History Users can quickly clear the cache in Firefox browser using the Clear Recent History menu option. Click the Tools menu and select Clear Recent History from the menu list. In the Clear Recent History window, select the […] Read More

Change status to unavailable in Facebook Chat

We have already how to change the Facebook Chat status Offline. But recently there has been some changes made to Facebook Chat feature.  After the recent update the chat section now appears as a sidebar widget in Facebook portal on the bottom right hand corner To make yourself unavailable for Facebook chat click the down […] Read More

How to change your Chat status to Offline in Facebook

Facebook allows users to chat with their friends once they login to their account. The default Facebook Chat status is set to Online and you can go offline using the Chat Options link Navigate to the Chat section displayed on the bottom right corner of Facebook portal. This would display the Friends list who are […] Read More

Play Angry Birds game offline – Google Chrome

As we all know Angry Birds is now available on Google chrome and now this is game can be played offline too. This is very simple to install to your chrome browser. Go to chrome web store and search for 'angry birds' this will show the result of angry birds game. Click on the link […] Read More

How to view all your mails in offline–Gmail

Gmail allows you to view all your mails offline (mails that are received already) i.e. without internet connection. This will be useful for you when you are travelling and wanted to see the emails from your laptop even when there is no internet connection. Just follow the below steps to get this feature enabled. 1. […] Read More

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