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How to unhide paste options in Word

Paste Option in Word 2016 and 2013 is displayed when you try to copy and paste any content in the document. The Paste Options allows users to Merge Formatting, Keep Source Formatting and Keep Text Only. Word by default displays Paste Option.But for some reason if the Paste Option is hidden then you can unhide […] Read More

How to hide paste options button in Word

This tutorial is about the steps to be followed for hiding the paste options button in Word 2016, Word 2013 & Word 2010. When you copy and paste content in a word document the following paste options button will be displayed. This button provides different paste options for formatting the pasted content such as Keep […] Read More

How to copy only values in Excel 2013

This tutorial explains the method to copy only values from a cell with formula to another cell. Step 1: Copy the source cell containing the formula and values. You can either use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + C or Copy menu option under Home > Clipboard Step 2: Now navigate to the destination cell, click […] Read More

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