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Export presentation handout notes to Word

PowerPoint 2016 & 2013 users can use the export feature to create handout notes for their presentation in Word. This is quite useful when you want to quickly take print out of your presentation notes for all your audience.Step 1: Open the presentation in PowerPoint 2013, click File menu and select Export option from the […] Read More

How to convert .pptx to text file using Office

PowerPoint 2016 and 2013 can be used to convert .pptx file to .txt file. This is quite useful when you want to send out content from PowerPoint file to contacts without having PowerPoint installed on their system.Step 1: Open the .pptx file in PowerPoint 2013.Step 2: Click File menu and select Save as from the […] Read More

How to convert slides to images in PowerPoint 2013

This tutorial provides step by step instruction for converting PowerPoint slides to images. Listed below are the steps for exporting slides in to PNG format. Step 1: Click the File menu and select Export from the menu list. Step 2: In the Export section, navigate to Change File Type option. Step 3: In the Change […] Read More

Change background styles in PowerPoint

In this PowerPoint tutorial, we will see how to change the background style of a slide in PowerPoint 2010 and 2013. Change slides background styles in PowerPoint 2010 The background style using the Design menu option and customize style depending upon your presentation theme. Click Design menu and then navigate to Background section. Click the […] Read More

Office 2010 vs Office 2013

  Office 2010 has been great; however, the newest version of Office 2013 has numerous features, which are not found on its predecessors. Perhaps the most outstanding feature is the word’s new capability to edit PDF files. Although this is considered, from other quarters, as trivial, Word 2013 has a number of upgraded features which […] Read More

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