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Prevent users from adding new worksheet in Excel

Excel 2016, 2013 and 2010 provides an option to prevent users from adding new worksheet to existing Workbook structure. So if you are the owner of Excel file and you do not want to allow other users to add any new worksheet, rename or move worksheet then you can use Protect Workbook Structure option to […] Read More

Prevent attendees proposing new times for meetings in Outlook

Outlook 2016, 2013 and 2010 by default will allow attendees to propose new times for meetings. But by using Calendar options in Outlook, you can also prevent any attendees from proposing new times for the meetings. This can be done by navigating to Calendar and then right clicking and selecting Calendar Options from the context […] Read More

Prevent automatic insertion of current date in Word

This is in reference to a query posted by one of the blog reader on “how to prevent the date field getting automatically updated with the current date in a Word document. We had already seen the steps required to insert current date or modify date format for the date in Word 2016, 2013 & […] Read More

Prevent installing or uninstalling apps on iPad or iPhone

In this tutorial we will be see the steps required to prevent any users from installing or uninstalling any apps on iPad or iPhone. This is a useful tip if you are sharing your iPad with other people especially kids and do not want them accidentally uninstall and install any Apps.To prevent users from removing […] Read More

Prevent kids from downloading adult apps on Google Nexus 7

This is about the step that needs to be taken to prevent your kids downloading adult content related apps on Google Nexus 7. Google Play Store allows users to restrict apps that can be downloaded based on their content. You can use this feature to restrict any one from downloading apps based on content rating. […] Read More

Prevent auto refresh of webpages in Firefox

We had seen in the previous post about the auto refresh of webpage in Firefox. But some websites have built-in code to automatically refresh the web content at a pre defined time interval. This tutorial is about the steps required to disable the automatic refresh of webpages in Firefox. On Mac system, click the Firefox […] Read More

Exclude folders from Spotlight search on Mac

This tutorial provides the steps for excluding folders from Spotlight search on Mac System. This is useful when you have private information in certain folders and don't want it to appear when any user does a Spotlight search.Click the Apple icon and select System Preferences from the list of menus.In the System Preferences window, navigate […] Read More

How to disable auto sync of Ipad with iTunes

The synchronization between iPad and iTunes gets started immediately after connecting the iPad to a computer installed with iTunes. In case if you do not want iTunes to start the automatic synchronization then you can change settings using the Preferences menu. Launch iTunes then navigate to Edit menu. Select Preferences from list of options available […] Read More

How to enable Mobile Tracker to prevent Samsung Wave mobile theft

It’s pretty normal to find the mobile tracker application in mid-range and high-end mobile phones today. This technology will not ensure that your mobile is being stolen; however, it can keep you alert on who exactly stole your device, by sending an SMS from your phone to a known phone number you have specified in […] Read More

How to prevent other users in Facebook to see your connections

In Facebook using the Privacy settings you can prevent everyone from seeing your Facebook connection. You can access Privacy Settings by clicking Account dropdown arrow and select Privacy Settings from the list of available menu option.   In Choose Your Privacy Settings page, click View Settings link under Connecting on Facebook section. This would display […] Read More

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