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Getting help in Microsoft Word 2016 and 2013

Microsoft Word 2016 and 2013 users can find the help button (?) at the top right hand corner of the application. and keyboard shortcut for accessing help is F1Word 2013 users can search for online help or from the local computer.The option to choose Online or Offline help can be done by clicking down the […] Read More

How to search, print and unhide comments in Excel

Adding a comment to a cell in Microsoft Excel is very useful feature. You can always locate a comment by red arrow appearing at the top right corner of the cell. List below are the steps to search, print and unhide comments in Excel 2013 and Excel 2010. If you are not able see the […] Read More

How to change search results highlight color in Outlook 2010

In Outlook the search results are displayed with searched text highlighted in default yellow color. For example when searching for blogmines using the search tool in my folders would highlight search text as shown below the searched text is highlighted in yellow color You can use Outlook options for changing the highlight color. Listed below […] Read More

How to turn on/off suggestions in Bing search engine

Bing search engine provides suggestions in the search text box as the user types the search text. This feature is quite useful when you have problems remembering spelling of the search text or when your search text is too long and you want to pick it from the suggestion list. Bing allows allows users to […] Read More

Windows 8 – How To Navigate?

Windows 8 might be a little confusing for newbie. There are so many features that are beneficial. Because of the fact that there are so many features many users shy away from them as they think them to be complicated. Here are a few tips can help you master the Windows 8 user interface. Shortcuts:  […] Read More

Reduce the time taken for searching iOS documentation using Xcode

This tip is for iOS developers who want to reduce the time taken while searching iOS documentation using Xcode. Documentation under the Xcode organiser window by default shows information on OS X as well. If you are not a Mac developer then you can turn off the documentation related with OS X. Step 1: Launch […] Read More

How to quickly find your IP address using Google Search

We have already seen tips for using Google Search effectively and now you can add one more tip to that list, of finding your IP using Google Search. You do not need to install any tool or Google Chrome extension to find your IP address. If the default search engine of your browser is set […] Read More

How to search for wallpapers using Google and Bing

Google and Bing have search feature that allows users to search images by size. We can use this feature to list only wallpapers when doing a photo search. Search Wallpapers in Google. Access Google Image Search webpage by typing in the browser address bar. If you are looking for iPhone 4S wallpaper then type […] Read More

Exclude folders from Spotlight search on Mac

This tutorial provides the steps for excluding folders from Spotlight search on Mac System. This is useful when you have private information in certain folders and don't want it to appear when any user does a Spotlight search.Click the Apple icon and select System Preferences from the list of menus.In the System Preferences window, navigate […] Read More

How to use search feature in Firefox

Firefox has a search option for finding text on a given a web page. This search option can be launched either by the keyboard shortcut (Ctrl + F) or by navigating to Edit menu and selecting Find from the available menu list. The search option gets displayed at the bottom of the browser window as […] Read More

How to hide Nokia N97 mini mobile phone from Bluetooth search

A Bluetooth enabled mobile phone will be displayed during a Bluetooth devices search. If you have a Nokia N97 min mobile phone and you do not want it to appear during a Bluetooth device search then you can hide by setting the Phone’s visibility option to hidden. Click on the menu button on Nokia N97 […] Read More

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