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Request for delivery message and receipt message in Outlook

Microsoft Outlook users can request for delivery message and read receipt message. These options are useful to keep track of the messages that are being sent and to find out whether the users have actually read these messages. Let us see the steps required for enabling tracking feature in Outlook 2013, Outlook 2010 and Outlook […] Read More

Save a copy of message in Sent folder using Yahoo Mail

Yahoo Mail has a feature that allows users to save a copy of the messages that are being sent in Sent folder. This is useful when you want to have a backup of important emails mailed from your account. Instead of adding your email in cc or bcc list you can use Save a copy […] Read More

Request read receipts for sent messages in Windows Live Mail 2011

In this tutorial we will see the steps required for requesting read receipts for all the messages sent from Windows Live Mail 2011. Asking for read receipts for the sent messages is useful when you are sending important emails and want to make sure your recipients have read those emails. Users can enable read receipts […] Read More

Save Sent Message in Outlook 2010

This tutorial talks about how to change the settings for Save Sent items for a single message. There has been a post on not to save messages in sent items and this would affect all the message but if you want to specify only for selected messages then you can use the options available as […] Read More

How to turn off auto save sent messages in Hotmail

Hotmail provides a feature using which the user can turn off of auto save sent messages. By default this feature is turned on that is hotmail automatically saves all the sent messages to sent items folder. This auto save sent messages feature can be turned off using the Hotmail More Options Click on the Options […] Read More

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