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How to turn off printing cell errors in Excel

In the previous post, we had seen how to print cell comments in Excel and in this tutorial we will be seeing the steps required to turn of the cell errors displayed while printing a Worksheet in Excel 2016, 2013 and 2010.A worksheet displays different cell errors, for example when you have an invalid expression […] Read More

Reset and Erase content on iPad

In this tutorial we will be covering about the Reset and Erase content feature available on iPad 2. Press the Home button on your iPad and tap the settings icon available on the Home screen.In the Settings page, navigate to Reset option. This would display the following list of options.If you are planning to sell […] Read More

Getting around Windows 8

Microsoft introduced several changes in the user interface of Windows 8. Some users found the changes refreshing while some missed the old user interface familiarity. The biggest change in the user interface was the missing Start button while new App view and Charms side bar were highlights of the new interface. Let’s try to learn […] Read More

How to change Date and Time on Windows 8 Lumia 520 Phone

By default when you start using your Windows 8 Lumia 520 phone the date and time gets set automatically. You might only want to change the clock settings like 24 hour or 12 hour. Here are some steps on how to do that. From the home screen, swipe towards the left where you get all […] Read More

How to change time zone on Google Nexus 7

Google Nexus 7 users can change the device time zone using the Date & Time option available as part of settings. Step 1: Press the menu button to access the Home screen on Google Nexus 7 Step 2: Then tap the icon list on the Home screen. From the list of icons, tap the Settings […] Read More

Change settings to black and white in HP Deskjet 3050 J610

HP Deskjet 3050 J610 is colour printer and the default setting is set to take colour print outs. In this tutorial, we will see how to change the default setting to black and white. Let us consider a scenario where you want to take black and white print out of a PDF file from Mac […] Read More

Spell check settings on Mac Mail

Mac Mail users can change the spell check settings using the option available under the Composing Preferences. Click the Apple icon -> Preferences and navigate to Composing Preferences tab. The three options available for Check Spelling are as I type, when I click Send and never. never - This option completely disables spell checker on […] Read More

Change receive emails time for single mail account in Outlook 2010

We have seen couple of articles on this blog related with the send and receive settings in Outlook 2010. Change Send and Receive email Settings in Outlook 2010. Hide Send and Receive Progress Dialog in Outlook 2010. When you have more than one email account configured in Outlook 2010 and you want to specify a […] Read More

Send and Receive settings in Windows Live Mail 2011

This tutorial is about the send and receive settings available in Windows Live Mail 2011. We will be looking at the following features available as part of Send and Receive messages. Play Sound for new messages Send and Receive messages at the startup Define the time interval for checking new messages Click the File menu […] Read More

Read Receipts settings on Windows Live Mail 2011

This is about the Read Receipts settings available on Windows Live Mail 2011. The different settings that are available are Requesting Read Receipts, Returning Read Receipts and Secure Receipts. Requesting Read Receipts We have already seen how to request read receipts on Windows Live Mail 2011. For more information check out this link – Request […] Read More

Word 2010 not saving any changes to normal template

Couple readers have reported that default font change in word 2010 was not getting saved properly. This could be due to some add in problem or because of corrupt normal template file. You can try disabling or removing add-ins installed on Word 2010. Check out how to remove add-ins on Word 2010 for more information. […] Read More

A brief look at Windows 8 screens

Windows 8 Developer Preview is out and now you can explore the different feature that is being offered by new Microsoft’s Operating System. You will be presented with the following Metro Style screen when you login to system. From here you can launch the very own Windows Desktop, Windows Explorer, Control Panel and other Windows […] Read More

Retrieve PPP password from DSL Router Settings

In this tutorial, we will see how to retrieve password from DSL Router settings. If your ISP technician has configured your broadband settings and you forgot to collect the user credentials from him, then you can retrieve the details by following below mentioned steps. First you need to take a backup of DSL router settings […] Read More

How to backup BSNL Broadband DSL router settings

This short tutorial is about the steps for taking backup of BSNL Broadband DSL router settings. The backup would come handy if you want to reconfigure your router after any modem/router crash. Login to ADSL Router and Modem page by accessing is any browser. The default username and password for the Router page is […] Read More

Change the date and time format in Google Apps Calendar

In this tutorial, we will be covering steps for changing the date and time format in Google Apps Calendar. Google Apps users can customize the date and time format using the Calendar Settings.Click the Options icon available at the top right corner of the page and select Calendar settings from the menu list.You can change […] Read More

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