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How to sort list of items in Word

In Microsoft Word, you can automatically sort list items in a paragraph. This can be done by using the "Sort Option" present in Paragraph ribbon.For example, if you want to sort the following list of items London New York Paris Delhi Tokyo Select the list items in the paragraphThen navigate to paragraph section in the […] Read More

How to change email sort order in Outlook

This is in reply to query posted by one of the reader of this blog regarding the email sort order in Outlook 2016, 2013 & 2010. My inbox email at first listed emails by Date, then Sender. Now emails are listed by Date, then Subject. How can I change the Subject header back to Sender? […] Read More

Multi sorting ranges in Google Spreadsheet

In this tutorial we will see a demo of simple muti sorting of ranges in Google Spreadsheet. Let us take the following sample data to try out multi on sorting of columns.If you want to sort Salary by descending and the age by ascending for above the set of data then you can do the […] Read More

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