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Show or hide envelope icon for new message in Outlook

A envelope icon will be displayed in Windows Taskbar when a new email message is received in Outlook 2010 and Outlook 2013. This is the default behaviour of Outlook and in case if this is not displayed then you can enable this feature using mail Options available as part of Outlook Settings. Listed below are […] Read More

How to hide multiple workbook windows in Taskbar

The Windows Taskbar will be display all the workbook windows of Excel 2010 if you have opened multiple workbooks. The Taskbar would display the workbook windows as shown below Showing these workbook windows in Taskbar will be useful when you want navigate between these workbooks. But if you have more than 3 or 4 windows […] Read More

Quickly browse websites from Windows 8 taskbar

Windows 8 provides option to add browser address bar as part of taskbar. Find below the steps to add Address Bar as part of Windows 8 taskbar Step 1: Right click on Windows 8 taskbar and navigate to Toolbars in the list of menus. Step 2: From the Toolbars submenu, select Address from the displayed […] Read More

How to preview all open tabs in Firefox 5 on Windows 7

Firefox 5 allows users to preview all the open tabs in taskbar on a Windows 7 system. This feature can be enabled using the Firefox Options menu. To launch Firefox 5 options window, Click the drop down arrow below Firefox then navigate to Options side menu and select Options from the list In the Options […] Read More

How to add toolbars to Windows 7 Taskbar

Windows 7 allows users to customize the toolbars that appear on the taskbar. To add toolbars to a taskbar in Windows 7 operating system, Right click on the taskbar and select Properties from the available menu list. In the Taskbar and Start Menu Properties window, navigate to Toolbars tab Using the Select which toolbars to […] Read More

How to quickly launch a program using Windows 7 Taskbar

Windows 7 allows users to quickly launch a program from taskbar by using Pin this program to taskbar feature. For example if you use Microsoft Word 2010 frequently then you can pin this program to Windows 7 taskbar. This can be done by the following steps Open Microsoft Word 2010 in your Windows 7 PC. […] Read More

How to clear recent items displayed in Windows 7 Jump List

Windows 7 displays a Jump List when you right click on the program icon displayed on the Taskbar. For example if you have Word 2010 running on your Windows 7 PC and when you right click on the Word icon on the Taskbar, the following Jump List will be displayed. This Jump List will contain […] Read More

How to quickly access a folder by using Windows Taskbar

If you are frequently accessing a folder then you can reduce the time of locating folder either by creating a folder shortcut on windows desktop or by creating new toolbar in Windows Taskbar. In order to create a new toolbar, right click on the Windows Taskbar and and navigate to Toolbars –> New Toolbar… In […] Read More

How to enable auto hide of taskbar on Windows 7

Window 7 also provides option for enabling taskbar auto hide feature as Windows Vista and Windows XP. By turning on auto hide feature you can provide more space for your other running applications. Right click on the Taskbar and select properties Navigate to Taskbar tab and under Taskbar appearance section, tick the check box with […] Read More

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