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Quick Tips and Tricks for Galaxy Series

Here are some quick tips and tricks that can be used for your Grand2, Direct Dial: There is a widget called direct dial which can be placed on your home screen to call frequently used numbers quickly. Un-install an app: long press on the app that you want to uninstall, this will take you to […] Read More

10 Tips to make your Samsung Galaxy faster

Started feeling the slowness of your Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 smartphone? Here are some tips to make it faster. Tip 1: Try restarting your phone which will fix most of your phones performance related problems. Tip 2: Its time now to uninstall the unwanted apps. Having lots of apps consume more memory, clearing some of […] Read More

15 powerful tips to use Google search more effectively

Google search is the most popular search tool and the followings tips would help in search web pages using Google more efficiently OR operator can be used for doing This or that search. For example if you want to see web pages containing words apples or oranges then the search term has to be apples […] Read More

5 must know tips and tricks for Windows 8

A different user interface in Windows 8 is not an exciting thing for every Windows OS user. In this article, you can find some tips and tricks that can simplify things while working in Windows 8. 1. Hotkeys: A Hotkey provides the user the easiest way to do things. Windows 8 has several Hotkeys which […] Read More

Microsoft Word Tutorials, Tips and Tricks

Word 2013 Find out character count in Word 2013 document What are the different zoom option available in Word 2013 How to remove Ctrl key to follow link in Word 2013 How to convert .pptx to text file using Office 2013 How to print black and white in Word 2013 Different ways to link another […] Read More

Windows OS Tutorials, Tips and Tricks

Windows 8 How to change default app store location on Windows 8 How to find out space used apps on Windows 8 How to use search feature on Windows 8 How to enable daylight saving notification on Windows 8 How to see the hidden files and folders on Windows 8 How to create PIN for […] Read More

Google Nexus 7 Tutorials, Tips and Tricks

Listed below are the links to articles posted here in Digital Answers related to Google Nexus 7 Tutorials, Tips and Tricks How to setup new user on Google Nexus 7 Prevent kids from downloading adult apps on Google Nexus 7 Missing microphone on Google Nexus 7 keyboard Turn off Google Plus notifications on Nexus 7 […] Read More

Microsoft Outlook Tutorials, Tips and Tricks

Here in Digital Answers we have covered lot of articles for Microsoft Outlook beginner and intermediate users. Listed below are the number of posts under Outlook 2007, Outlook 2010 and Outlook 2013. Outlook 2013 How to check version of Office 2013 products How to change Office 2013 background How to install latest updates of Office […] Read More

iPad tips and tricks

Check out some of the articles on iPad tips and tricks How to set the iPad 2 timezone settings How to remove the Sent from my iPad message How to remove a installed apps from iPad 2 How to turn on Bluetooth in Apple iPad 2 How remove the auto lock feature in iPad 2 […] Read More

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