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Turn Off feature description in screen tips in Microsoft Word

In Microsoft Word 2007, screen tips are available for each command. The screen tips by default show feature description. For example, the replace command screen tips with feature description looks as shown belowMicrosoft Word provides option to enable or disable feature description in Screen Tip. If you do not want to display the feature description […] Read More

Disable permanently delete items warning message in Outlook

Outlook displays a warning message when deleting outlook emails. It displays a dialog box with message “Are you sure that you want permanently delete the selected items” as shown belowThis is very useful warning option for the users before deleting the mail items permanently. But If you do not want to see the permanently deleted […] Read More

How to disable auto fill feature in Excel

Auto fill in excel is quite handy feature, using this you can fill series of cells based on the entries of other excel cells. But if you want to turn off or disable auto fill feature then you can use Excel options for doing this. Listed below are the steps to turn off auto fill […] Read More

Enable or disable automatic numbered and bulleted list in Word

Microsoft Word users can use automatic numbered and automatic bulleted list by typing * and 1 respectively. By default these features are disabled in Word. Listed below are the steps to disable automatic numbered and bulleted list in Word 2016, Word 2013 and Word 2010Click on the File menu –> Word Options –> Navigate to […] Read More

How to turn off drag and drop of text in Word

Microsoft Word 2016, 2013 and 2010 has feature using which you can drag and drop the text in a document. But if you do not want drag and drop then you can use Word Options to disable or turn off the feature. Listed below are the steps to turn off drag and drop of text […] Read More

How to enable attachment preview in Outlook

Attachment preview is enabled by default in Outlook 2016, 2013 and 2010 but for some reason if preview option is missing then you can turn on by following steps.Click the File menu –> Options link. In the Outlook options window, navigate to Trust Center.Then navigate to Microsoft Outlook Trust Center section and click Trust Center […] Read More

What is Quick Analysis in Excel

Excel 2016 and 2013 provides users with popular tools for doing quick analysis of the selected data. The tools that are available as part of Quick Analysis are Formatting, Charts, Totals, Tables and Sparklines.Let us take the following sample data and have a quick look at the charts that can be for this data.Select the […] Read More

Use Outlook to see city weather

Outlook 2016 and 2013 calendar feature allow users to see the city weather information. The default city configured in Outlook is New York, NY. And you want to see the weather for city of your choice then do the following steps.Step 1: Launch Outlook and navigate to Calendar screen.Step 2 : Click the down arrow […] Read More

Turn off automatically created border lines in Word

Word 2016, 2013 and 2010 have a feature that allows users to automatically create border lines by just typing the character three times. For example if you type dash (-) three times and press enter key in a document, Word will automatically draw a border line with dash character. This is useful when your want […] Read More

How to turn off printing cell errors in Excel

In the previous post, we had seen how to print cell comments in Excel and in this tutorial we will be seeing the steps required to turn of the cell errors displayed while printing a Worksheet in Excel 2016, 2013 and 2010.A worksheet displays different cell errors, for example when you have an invalid expression […] Read More

Turn Off password popup in Outlook

This is in reply to a query posted by a reader in this blog that Mine was doing the automatic from the start, I only want it send and receive when I click on send and receive. I took the check marks off send automatic, but now every time I click send/receive a pop-up comes […] Read More

Turn off displaying users photos in Outlook

We had earlier seen about the steps required for configuring social network accounts such LinkedIn, Facebook etc. in Outlook 2016 & Outlook 2013. If a sender has photos linked to their social network account then it is displayed in the email message header section as shown below. But if you do not want to display […] Read More

Turn off display of hyperlinks in Outlook 2013 & Outlook 2010 messages

Outlook 2013 & Outlook 2010 by default displays any Internet address as hyperlinks. This is pretty useful feature and by clicking the hyperlink would quickly launch the website. But if you want to disable this feature while reading as well as composing mail, then you turn off this feature using Editor Options.Turn Off display of […] Read More

How to turn off the reading pane in Outlook 2013 & Outlook 2010

Outlook 2013 & Outlook 2010 have reading pane which displays the email details when we browse through the messages. This reading pane can be positioned either to the right or bottom of the email list.A Sample message displayed in Reading Pane is shown below If you want to turn off the reading pane using the Options […] Read More

How to turn off display of screen tips in PowerPoint 2013 & 2010

PowerPoint 2013 and 2010 displays screen tips along with feature description when we hover the mouse over the menu items. By default screen tip feature is enabled in PowerPoint but if you do not want this extra information to be displayed then you can turn off using PowerPoint options.Click File menu and then Options linkIn […] Read More

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