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Moto G5 Plus – Unlock apps using fingerprint

Fingerprint is not just used for locking or unlocking your Moto G5 Plus phone, it can also be used to unlock the apps on your phone. You will have to install a third party app to do this. You might have used the App Locker apps earlier, where it will ask for some passwords or […] Read More

Turn on passcode for iPad Smart Cover

We have seen earlier the steps required for securing your iPad with passcode. iPad 2 also has another feature called smart cover locking which would prompt user to enter the passcode when opening the smart cover. iPad users can enable smart cover locking via the option provided as part of General Settings. Navigate to iPad […] Read More

How to quickly lock screen rotation in iPad 2

We have already seen how to lock screen rotation in iPad 2 using General Settings. But if you want to quickly lock the screen rotation then you do that using the side switch. This can be done after making the following changes to your iPad 2 settings Tap the Settings icon in iPad 2 home […] Read More

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