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How to hide the Language Bar in Windows 7

In Windows 7 the language bar can be docked to taskbar or it can be kept floating. Floating Language bar (EN) Language bar docked to Taskbar (EN) But if you want to hide the Language bar then you use the settings menu for this purpose. Right click on the Language bar and select Settings from […] Read More

How to add toolbars to Windows 7 Taskbar

Windows 7 allows users to customize the toolbars that appear on the taskbar. To add toolbars to a taskbar in Windows 7 operating system, Right click on the taskbar and select Properties from the available menu list. In the Taskbar and Start Menu Properties window, navigate to Toolbars tab Using the Select which toolbars to […] Read More

How to hide BlackBerry Automatic Update notification in Windows 7

We have seen steps to disable automatic BlackBerry update. But if you only want to hide the BlackBerry Automatic Update notifications then you can use the customize notification option available as part of Windows 7 for this purpose. Click the Show hidden icons option on Windows 7 Taskbar and then click the Customize link. Using […] Read More

How to quickly launch a program using Windows 7 Taskbar

Windows 7 allows users to quickly launch a program from taskbar by using Pin this program to taskbar feature. For example if you use Microsoft Word 2010 frequently then you can pin this program to Windows 7 taskbar. This can be done by the following steps Open Microsoft Word 2010 in your Windows 7 PC. […] Read More

How to clear recent items displayed in Windows 7 Jump List

Windows 7 displays a Jump List when you right click on the program icon displayed on the Taskbar. For example if you have Word 2010 running on your Windows 7 PC and when you right click on the Word icon on the Taskbar, the following Jump List will be displayed. This Jump List will contain […] Read More

How to prevent all users installing windows updates on a computer

Windows Operating System such as Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 2008 server etc. can automatically check for for important updates and provides option to install them. These settings are available as part of the Windows Update section under the Control Panel. Windows Update also provides option to prevent all users installing the updates, by this […] Read More

How to specify program for a file type in Windows 7.

In Windows 7, you can specify a program for a file type using the Default Programs section available as part of the Control Panel. Click Start –> Control Panel –> Programs. Under Default Programs section, click the Make a file type always open in a specific program link. This should display the following Set Association […] Read More

How to change the mouse pointer appearance in Windows 7

The mouse pointer appearance of a Windows 7 can be changed using the Appearance and Personalization section. Click the Start button and navigate to Control Panel. Click the Change the theme link under Appearance and Personalization section. This will display the following Appearance and Personalization window. Click the Change mouse pointer link available on the […] Read More

How to free disk space in Windows 7 Operating System

Windows 7 free disk space feature can be accessed using the Control Panel –> System and Security option. Click Start menu –> Control Panel –> System and Security. Under System and Security window, navigate to Administrative Tools section and select Free up disk space option. This would display the following Drive Selection window. Select the […] Read More

How to remove a gadget in Windows 7

Windows 7 has pre-installed desktop gadgets such as Calendar, Clock, CPU Meter, Currency etc. and also you can download more gadgets from online.  And you can remove a gadget in Windows 7 using the Uninstall option available as apart of the Context menu. Click Start menu and select Control Panel from the menu list. In […] Read More

How to install Internet Information Services (IIS) in Windows 7 Professional

Internet Information Services (IIS) can be installed on a Windows 7 Professional operating system using Turn on Windows Features On or Off. Click the Start menu and click Control Panel. Navigate and select Programs link in the Control Panel Window. In the Programs Windows, navigate to Programs and Features section and click the Turn Windows […] Read More

How to specify the windows 7 power settings when laptop lid is closed

Windows 7 has a feature using which you can choose desired power settings, when a laptop is closed. This is available under the Control Panel -> Power Options. Click Start menu -> Control Panel -> System and Security. This would display the following window. Navigate to Power Options and click the link with label as […] Read More

Windows – New Show Desktop option

When you have used Windows XP a lot where you have your “Show Desktop” icon on the system tray, when clicked it minimizes all the windows and take you to the Desktop. You can also do this by right click on the system tray and select “Show the desktop”. These options are also available in […] Read More

How to see all the dates in a Calendar Gadget – Windows 7

In Windows 7, adding the Calendar Gadget is very simple as adding other Gadgets. Just right click on your desktop select Gadgets and drop and drop the Calendar Gadget to your desktop. Now you can see the Calendar showing the current date. When you want to see all the dates for this month, previous or […] Read More

How to clear the History of files recently played on your Windows Media Player – Windows 7

Windows Media Player stores all the recently and frequently played music and video files. If you want to clear them just follow the below steps, 1. On your Windows Media Player right click and select the option More options 2. Click the tab Privacy 3. See at the bottom of this screen where you can […] Read More

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