Ten Reasons Why You Should Buy Chit Chat for Facebook Blackberry

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Building on the success of its Microsoft Windows compatible equivalent, Athena IT Limited, has recently launched Chit Chat for Facebook Blackberry. In summary, Chit Chat for Facebook Blackberry will provide access to Facebook chat on your Blackberry mobile phone – whether you’re using a Curve, Bold, Pearl or Torch user.

1. Your Friends All Use Facebook Chat

Gone have the times when your school chums slump on their computer chairs and log into MSN/AIM after a hard day at school. Instead, you’ll find your work mates, friends and recent acquaintances signed into Facebook instead.

Join the crowd and ensure that when your friends are checking to see if you’re online or not on Facebook Chat- you’re online. Even if passively, on your Blackberry.

2. Your Boss/Teachers Doesn’t Have To Know

If you’re a little bit naughty, and you want to use Facebook chat at work – or at school, and you have a Blackberry you can sneak on without notice. Use Chit Chat for Facebook Blackberry, even if Facebook is banned at your place of work – you’ll be able to use Chit Chat to access Facebook Chat.

Chit Chat can be discrete such that you only receive vibrations or just have the LED light flash when you receive an instant message. No one need know that you’re talking with Joe, Amy and Sarah on Facebook chat.

3. There Is Someone Special That You Can Bump Into On Facebook

If your single – or indeed in a relationship, Facebook chat is an ideal way to connect with that someone special. Many people passively use Facebook when they’re bored, or to procrastinate – and an entertaining message could set you apart from others when you meet up in a bar or club.

4. You Need Information Quickly

Google doesn’t always have the answer your looking for. Perhaps your at a party, and have forgotten someone’s name – someone so familiar that you can’t ask them directly. Or, you’re friends at work and they can’t answer their phone – but you need to know if they’re going to play football tonight. Facebook chat is your answer – and Chit Chat for Facebook Blackberry is the solution for your Blackberry.

5. You Want To Be Able To Access Facebook Chat On The Move

Whilst netbooks and 3G dongles are fantastic, they aren’t as convenient as your Blackberry. For example, using Chit Chat for Facebook Blackberry you’d be able to login to Facebook chat during your lunch break, whilst being driven in a car or at the train station killing time.

6. Bored

Let’s face it. Most of the time we check Facebook for something to do, checking out whether "Joe’s" life is more interesting than ours. Have a Facebook chat with an old friend with Chit Chat and arrange that band reunion, Christmas party or to meet up in a bar.

7. Best Dedicated Facebook Chat App For Your Blackberry

In our tests, we’ve determined Chit Chat to be the best Facebook chat application for the Blackberry. No other Facebook Blackberry chat applications we’ve tried have been so robust and user friendly.

8. $2 Isn’t Much When You’d Spend Ten Times That Talking With Your Mates At a Bar

Picture this, it’s a Friday night and you’re headed out to chat with your mates down your local bar. Chances are you’ll spend more than $20. Spending $2 once on Chit Chat makes sense to keep in touch during the rest of the week.

9. Keep It Simple

Chit Chat is a very simple Facebook chat app. It’s incredibly intuitive and there isn’t a learning curve to use it.

10. Personalise

Chit Chat caters for personalisation. You can customise your text colour, message bubbles and wall paper for your instant messages. Furthermore, you can personalise how your Facebook friends are displayed within Chit Chat and your notification settings.

Buy Chit Chat for Facebook blackberry today.

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