The new windows explorer in Windows 8

Windows 8 developer preview has also got a new look Windows Explorer. The Windows Explorer now comes with Ribbon menu with three Home, Share and View menus.

Windows 8 Explorer

Home menu

The home menu consists Clipboard, Organize, New, Open and Select section. Now you can quickly the folder path by using the Copy path function. Similar Easy access drop down provides option some shortcuts for Mapping selected folder to drive, Added selected folders to favorites and more. Another important option available as part of Home menu is File History which allows user to save copies of the file and get them back whenever needed.

Share menu

Windows Explorer Share menu

Share menu provides users with option to Email, Zip, Fax Print and Burn to disc. And using options available with Share with section, Windows 8 users can control sharing done on folder and files.

View menu

Windows Explorer View menu

This provides option to control the display of Navigation, Preview and Details pane. The you can choose your preferred Layout and also customize the view. Show/Hide section consists File name extensions, Hidden items , Image File names and Hide selected Items.

Quick Access Toolbar

The new look Windows 8 Explorer has a Quick Access Toolbar with menu option as shown below.

Quick Access Toolbar

Hide Ribbon

Users can hide the Windows Explorer Ribbon by clicking the arrow pointing upwards. The Minimize the Ribbon only shows the tab names on the Ribbon.

Windows Explorer Hide Ribbon

And to unhide the Windows Explorer Ribbon, click the arrow pointing downwards.

Windows Explorer Show Ribbon

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