Tips and Tricks – Whitening Eyes and Teeth with Photoshop

You would feel sometimes shy when you come to see your photos in which your teeth and eyes are not white or clean. So how would you forward these photos to your friends? Not to worry here are some Photoshop tips through which you can make them looking great!!!

Here is a sample image. Look at the teeth of the shark. Come lets make them whiter.


Step 1: Select the Dodge tool, then go to the Tool Options bar and set the Range to Midtones. The default Exposure setting would be 50%, just leave it as it is.

Step 2: Using the Lasso Tool select the teeth as shown in the below screenshot.


Step 3: Now run the Dodge tool over the teeth until they look whiter.


Step4: Now follow this step for all the other teeth and you would have the image look like the one below,


Note: The Dodge tool is very powerful, so more than three brush strokes could leave the teeth looking overdone. If that’s the case, use Undo (Ctrl/Cmd +Z) to step back.

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