Top 10 WinKey shortcuts for Windows 8

WinKey when combined with other keys in keyboard provides various shortcuts in Windows 8 (Developer Preview). Listed below are top 10 WinKey shortcuts for Windows 8 users.


This acts as a toggle switch for Windows 8 Metro Style Start menu and the Desktop.

Windows 8 Start Menu Metro Style

WinKey + D

When you want quickly access the Windows 8 desktop then type WinKey+D.

WinKey + E

This combination launches the Windows Explorer in Windows 8.

WinKey + F

WinKey+F launches the Search screen which allows users to Search Apps, Settings, Files and more on Windows 8 system.

Windows 8 Search Screen

WinKey + F1

Windows 8 Support

This WinKey Combination launches Windows Help and Support screen in Windows 8.

WinKey + M

WinKey + M shortcut minimizes all windows.

WinKey + Shift +M

This would maximizes all the windows i.e. reverse of WinKey + M.

WinKey + Pause/Break

WinKey + Pause/Break will display the System Properties in Windows 8.

WinKey + R

Are you having trouble finding the Run dialog on Windows 8. Then use WinKey + R shortcut to display the Run dialog.

Windows 8 Run

WinKey + U

WinKey + U will display the Windows 8’s Ease of Access Center dialog.

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