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Android Top 5 Games

Just imagine what happened over the past 5 years. We used to have a b/w screen Nokia 1100 handset with the ever-popular game Snakes, where there was hardly any detail at all, just some small boxes and pixels here and there. And look today, you find them so close to games for consoles like PSP! Seriously, technology and gaming, they are evolving exponentially. And it’s time you get your hands on the best of games available on the world’s no.1 OS Android for mobile phone:

1. Angry Birds: Who will ever forget playing this phenomenal game, which hit the market so hard that even PC and PlayStation couldn’t resist! Angry Birds is a legend and Android users simply love it! The game involves usage of a slingshot to aim a bird and take as many pigs as it can along with it. It’s broken into several levels which becomes difficult as the game progresses.

2. World War: A favourite game for many action gamers, the World War application also allows users to join online and play multiplayer sessions with friends!

3. Stupid Zombies: The game is really fun to play, where you hit the zombies using the projectiles of bullets that hit the walls and reflect back to deal multiple attacks. The puzzle involves a lot of brain-work and you got to think about the best angle to shoot the bullet and take the maximum points.

4. Bubble Blast 2: Bubble Blast 2 is another action puzzle game for Android where your goal is to pop all of the onscreen bubbles. You can win the stage easily by chaining and blasting the bubbles together.

5. Battleship: If you can play this game without hearing the "you sank my battleship" line from The Simpsons, we’ll be very impressed indeed. Battleship is probably the best strategy game ever made. And now, you can play it on your Android phone!

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