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Using a handheld device is always risky, especially when it’s a full-fledged smartphone which you use regularly to store important data files, make plans for your business or even make confidential communication with people. Your family members and friends will always want to use your beautiful handset and play games, watch videos or listen to songs, but you must ask yourself- is my phone completely secure? Because if it’s not, you cannot blame anyone for misusing your information, at least you won’t like to do that. So here are my personal top 5 apps to protect everything on your Android Smartphone phone:

1. App Protector Pro: This is just one miracle security application for Android, and does wonders if used properly. The App Protector Pro gives you the extra feature of password protecting files individually. App Protector Pro is available in the Android Market for as little as 1.95$.

2. Lookout Security Shield (Free): This is basically an anti-virus and anti-malware software which also acts like like a missing device locator and remote device lock. The commercial version of this application is very useful for corporate and business purpose due to its highly intelligent device management system.

3. WaveSecure: If you are looking for a top-notch data backup and restore system, then WaveSecure is for you. It offers lot more than just data management; Wave Secure has a sophisticated device management tool that offers functions such as device locator, lock and wipe.

4. KeePassDroid (Free): The KeePassDroid is an open source password management application that also has the ability to synchronize stored data using the popular DropBox software for PC.

5. SMS Seal: Protect your SMS’s from others. The SMS Seal application lets you password protect all contacts and communication made through your Android handset.

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