Top Windows 7 Tutorials – Part 1

This is the first in series of the Top Windows 7 tutorials that are available in Digital Answers.

Enable auto logon

In Windows 7, you can enable auto logon using the option available as part of User Accounts. This is a useful feature when you want to reduce the login time in your Windows 7 PC.

Change desktop icons

Windows 7 users can change the desktop icons using the Personalize Option. Using this feature users can hide or unhide the icons depending on their preferences.

Enable Secure Logon

Users can enable secure logon using the option available as part of User Accounts.

Setting Windows 7 as Default OS

When you have dual OS installed on your PC like Windows 7 and Windows Vista then you set any one of them as default OS using the Startup and Recovery Options.

Display Full username in Task Manager

Windows 7 provides option to display full username in Task Manager. This would be useful to identify the user to which the process is associated.

Change System Timezone

Windows 7 users can change the system Timezone using Date and Time settings.

Change System Locale

System Locale in a Windows 7 system change be changed using the Region and Language available as part of Control Panel.

Customize notification and icons

Users can Customize Notification and icons on Taskbar with help of the Appearance and Personalization option under Windows 7 Control Panel.

Specify password protection on Wakeup

Users can provide additional security to Windows 7 PC by specifying password protection on Wakeup. This can be done using the Hardware Sound option under Windows Control Panel.

Turn Off User Account

Windows 7 users can enable or disable User Account by using the Managing User Account option. Tags: ,
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