Turn off automatic hyperlink in Excel 2011

This tutorial is about the steps required to turn off the automatic hyperlink feature in Excel 2011. When a user enters a internet address, Excel 2011 will automatically convert the internet address in to a hyperlink. If you do not want this feature then you can disable this using the option provided as part of AutoCorrect feature.


After entering a internet address and once excel converts the address in to hyperlink you should see the following AutoCorrect option.


Click the AutoCorrect Options drop down and select Undo Hyperlink if you want to remove hyperlink for only the current internet address


Select Stop Automatically Creating Hyperlinks option if you want to disable the feature for all future internet address except the current one. The Control AutoCorrect Options will launch AutoCorrect window, where you can unmark the check box “Replace Internet and network paths with hyperlinks” to turn off this feature.


Once this feature is disabled, you can re-enable by accessing the AutoCorrect settings screen through Excel Preferences.

Excel Preferences -> Authoring Section -> AutoCorrect option.

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