Turn off Save password in Google Chrome

When you access websites using Google Chrome which requires username and password to access the site,Chrome Offers to save your password as shown below.

Offer Save Password

You can click the Save password option  if you want to Google Chrome to remember your password and you do not want to type in the username and password when you access the same site again.

But if you are accessing the password protected sites from a shared computer then it is not recommended to store the password for any these websites. For this purpose, Google Chrome provides as an option to turn off the Save your password feature.

Click the wrench icon available on the top right hand side of the browser and select options from the list of available menus

Google Chrome Options

In Google Chrome options screen, click the Personal Stuff tab.

Google Turn Off Save Password

In the Personal Stuff screen, navigate to the Passwords section. Selecting Never save password radio option will disable Save your password feature in Google Chrome.

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