Turn your phone as a torch – Samsung Galaxy Grand2

Though there are lots of applications available in the play store to use your phone as a torch, but for Grand2 there is no need download them. It by default has a torch called as Assistive light. This is available on the widgets, where you could place it on the home screen to use the phone as a torch light whenever there is a need. This widget uses the phones camera flash to throw the light.

To get this, go to widgets and scroll through to get the Assistive light. Long press on this widget will take it to the home screen.

Use grand 2 as Torch

Once this is available on the home screen just tap it to see the flash light glowing. Tap the widget again to turn it off.

Other apps that you could download from the play store are Tiny Flashlight and Super bright LED torch. The specialty of Tiny Flashlight is that it comes with different torch types where it can use either the phones camera flash or the display.

Use grand 2 as flashlight

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  • Shweta July 10, 2016, 4:20 pm

    thanks a lot I was gonna download a big app for that. …

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