TwentyFeet – Facebook unfriending metrics no longer available

This is a mail received from TwentyFeet about Facebook unfriending metrics no longer available.

Facebook forced us to turn down unfriending metrics on TwentyFeet. This is bad news for our users and for TwentyFeet. I know, that thousands of you started using TwentyFeet initially to see their facebook unfriendings. And I am ever so sorry, that we can’t show them to you.

The facebook platform policy team has approached us and forced us to turn down all metrics about unfriendings and lost friends on TwentyFeet. As we want to play with and not against big players like facebook we have erased all metrics concerning these results.

You can no longer see on TwentyFeet:

  • Who unfriended me on facebook?
  • How many unfriends did I have over time?

All other facebook metrics are still working fine: How many friends do I get? Who is it? How many comments and likes do I get? Which movements on facebook are noteworthy? All page and page admin stats, …

Twitter unfriending metrics on TwentyFeet still intact

Our unfriending stats for twitter remain untouched. They are still part of our free service. 
Thanks for being with us. We strongly believe, that we can offer enough apart from this one feature to help you with egotracking and social media analytics.

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