Two users, one monitor: Microsoft’s India-based research

Single monitor, which can be shared between two users. Two sets of keyboards, mouse and software to split the monitor are required for this. Once the software is installed you can see your monitor got split. This works like left hand half of the screen works with one keyboard-mouse combo; the right hand can be controlled by another set.

The researchers are going beyond this step and are trying to make an additional feature for users to take his or her cursor to the other’s screen, hence allowing two cursors in the same application. This is helpful when people wanted to work on a single document together at the same time so that they can discuss among themselves.

Researchers say that for sharing the files between the users they have a boundary of the two split-screen areas that can be opened up to expose a third area – a kind of “airlock”, which is accessible to both users and hence it can be used as a point to share files and resources.


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