UBBCode a simplified markup language

UBBcode is a simplified markup language used for message board post.UBBCode allows a user to add functionality and style to a message.This is mainly used where HTML code usage is not allowed.Especially in forums the HTML usage is restricted. Listed below are some of the styles and functionalities supported by UBBcode.

  • Bold – [b][/b]
  • Italics – [i][/i]
  • Unordered – [list][/list]
  • Ordered, numbered – [list=1][/list]
  • Ordered, lettered – [list=A][/list]
  • Quote -[quote][/quote]
  • Code Snippets – [code][/code]
  • URLs – [url][/url] eg:- [url=http://www.blogmines.com]my blog[/url]
  • Email Addresses – TAG: [email][/email]
  • Images – TAG: [img][/img]

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