Unfriend alert for your Facebook and Twitter accounts

Wondering what is Unfriend? When you are removed from your friends Facebook account you will not receive any alerts for this, but you can check this for example when you see the total count of your friends list as 100 and suddenly it drops to 98, it means two have dropped you from their list. Twenty Feet is a web app which can track this and show the names who have removed you.

From your Facebook account search for ‘Twenty Feet’ and click ‘Go to app’ button.


Follow the onscreen process by allowing this app to access your basic information’s etc.


And finally don’t forget to check this checkbox – Set this account as my free account.


So from now on if you are been removed by any of your friend you will get an alert as email (your register email account with Facebook or Twitter). As per this app one twitter and one Facebook user account are for free. Additional services cost a small amount which is $2.49 per account per year.

For more details on this web app logon to – https://www.twentyfeet.com/

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