Using Mail Merge in Word 2013

Mail Merge is a useful productivity feature in MS-Word that allows you to send documents or letters to people simultaneously. All you need to do is create a single document/letter and use the mail merge feature to send it to multiple recipients at one go.

(Note: the document that is sent to multiple recipients has the same information, the only unique thing in each document is the name of the recipient, address and other information included through different mail merge fields. For example- mail merge can be useful to send invitations where the content of the document remains same for each recipient but the Name and Address changes for each recipient)

Let’s learn how to use mail merge feature in Word 2013

1. Launch MS Word

2. Open/create the main document that you would be sending.


Once you have the main document setup, you can proceed to the main procedure of mail merge.

3. Click on Mailings

4. Click on Select Recipients


5. Select Type New List

6. To enter the data for recipients, click on New Entry


7. Enter data in desired fields and click on OK

After you are done with preparing the recipient list, position your cursor in the document where you want to insert mail merge fields.



8. After completing your mail merge fields in the document, you can click on Preview Results to verify if the mail merge procedure is completed in the right manner. Clicking on Preview Results will display the data in the mail merge fields. You can only see the data of the record number that is displayed in the box.


9. Click on Finish & Merge

10. Select any one option as per your requirement

Edit Individual documents– will create a new word document with merged data for all records in one single document

Print documents– will send a print command to the attached printer to print document with merged fields for all or selected records

Word 2013 also presents you with a Step-by-Step Mail Merge Wizard. You can use this option if you are using the Mail Merge feature in MS-Word for the first time.


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